Unconfirmed Minutes of the Meeting of the Trustees of Carbrooke Millennium Green Committee

28th August 2014 7.30pm at

The Old Chapel, Mill Lane, Carbrooke.

Present: Nigel Webster(Chairman), Mick Wigg, Debbie Muller, Hilary Aspinwall, Alun Gibbs and Tracey Everett.

Apologies: None

Tracey will attend meetings as a non-Trustee to assist with admin.

Tracey to update contact details in New Penny News.

Mr Lake has been paid 17th July for grass cutting.

A £50 donation has been received from Carbrooke School for the use of the Green for Circus visit.

People have been seen using a metal detector on the Green without asking for permission. Anyone seen metal detecting will be approached and it is important to note that any finds remain the property of the Green.

Event ideas: Summer Ball. Enquiries to be made.

Special thanks to Alun Gibbs for his hard work over recent months in tidying up the Green from picking up litter and dogs mess to strimming and pruning.

The Royal Oak has been returned and is to be planted in the coming Winter.

Alun is to write an article in the NPN explaining the virtues of volunteering, to explain the costs involved in maintaining the Green, to ask for donations no matter how small and to ask for any willing volunteers to come forward.

Lottery Grant – the bid for funding for the play equipment was unsuccessful. Enquiries will be made into other funding possibilities.

New tools will be purchased with money from sale of grass cutter.

AGM to be held in October. Date and venue to be confirmed.

Meeting closed 9pm