Minutes of Millennium Green Trustee’s Meeting held on 14th July 2015

Minutes of Millennium Green Trustee’s Meeting held on 14th July 2015 At North View, Broadmoor Road, Carbrooke.

Persons Present: Nigel Webster, Debbie Muller, Alun Gibbs and Louise Gibbs.

1. No apologies

2. Trustee’s read and agreed the minutes of the previous meeting of 6th May 2015. Minutes signed as correct by Nigel Webster

3. The Trustee’s received an email from Hilary Aspinwall stating that she was regretfully resigning from her position as a Trustee. The committee wanted to pass on their thanks for Hilary’s hard work and commitment to the Trust over a large number of years and wished her well for the future. Alun Gibbs stated that a representative from Norfolk Wildlife Trust had agreed to visit the Green on 8th September to give conservation management advice. No further correspondence had been received.

4. The Trustee’s reviewed the finances of The Green , the following cheques were signed;

Jewson for mini digger hire £140

Alun Gibbs for purchase of Brass Memorial Plaque £42.96

Alun Gibbs purchase of two bags of postcrete £ 9.58

Popper Scooper Company £104

Gary Lake Grass Cutting £135

Total expenditure £431.54

The Account then stood at £11831.41

Debbie Muller then stated that the Parish Council had awarded a grant of £1000 to the Trust for maintenance and the purchasing of new play equipment.

Therefore the Trust Account now stands at £12831.41.

5. Debbie Muller stated that the organisation of the “Apple Day” celebration was going very well. 15 stalls had been booked for local food producers and other organisations to sell from. Debbie has also been liaising with Vanessa Scott from Strattons Hotel to help with the promotion of the event through the Becks Food Festival/Norfolk Food Festival network . Alun Gibbs stated that a local resident had shown an interest in making cider from the Greens Heritage Orchard apples. The committee then discussed linking in with Carbrooke Academy and other organisations to promote games and other interesting activities for children at the event.

Nigel Webster was making enquiries to provide a bouncy castle for the event and would also speak with a local farmer about providing a BBQ for this event. Alun Gibbs stated that the Marquees would need to be reviewed as they had been in storage for a long time. Debbie Muller stated that the Village Hall had been booked for the event and that she was researching options for local musicians to attend the event. An apple recipe book was also being revamped by Jan Godfrey from the original apple day in 2000.

The committee agreed that it was vitally important to share this event with other local village organisations.

N.B Since this meeting the St Peter and St Pauls Church, Carbrooke have agreed to blend their Harvest Festival celebrations with the Apple Day event which will now all take place on 27th September. The Trustees agreed that it was important to promote the work of our local rural farming community in this event. Organisational arrangements continue.

6. Alun Gibbs stated that the paths on the Green had been widened and were being maintained well. The wildlife pond had now been refilled to the correct level and there were no obvious adverse impacts on the wildlife using the pond. He stated that the Maze would be trimmed at the end of August and Nigel Webster agreed to “top” the long grass in September to enhance the production of wild flowers in 2016. Alun further explained that the increase in wildlife was very noticeable especially in terms of the large numbers of dragon fly’s moths and butterflies close to the pond which had probably occurred because of the emphasis on increasing the show of wild flowers.

7. The committee again discussed the ongoing issues concerning dog control measures on the Green. A further incident had occurred with a dog running in amongst primary school children practising for their school sports day which was not acceptable. The committee agreed to install a gate at the entrance to the Green to prevent dogs running in and out of the Green. Nigel Webster would seek costs for purchasing the gate. The committee agreed that issue need to be monitored to ensure the safety of all Green users.

8. Alun Gibbs was continuing with the risk assessment document which was required by the insurers and other third parties.

9. In any other business the committee agreed to remove the trim trail ropes that had worn away to the metal because they were deemed dangerous to users of the equipment. It was agreed by the committee to speak with Action Leisure at Attleborough to seek costings for new ropes on this equipment. Adam Woods stated in an email that he had completed 95% of the “play equipment” funding application and only required a small amount of additional information.

The committee agreed that it was worth investigating whether bee hives could be sited near the Heritage Orchard to conserve the bee population locally and promote pollination within the Orchard. Louise Gibbs stated that the building of a “bug hotel” within the Green by the school children might also be a useful conservation initiative. Both ideas would be explored further.

The Committee also agreed to seek further Trustee’s in the near future. Louise Gibbs agreed to become a financial signatory to the Trusts Account.

10. The next meeting will be held at North View on 1st September at 7.30pm.