Ramblings from the Boy Tom

Well how are yu all a’goin on?
Since I last hed a wurd along with yu we hev hed them gale force winds at the end o’February.  They recon that were called Doris.  Why do they ha’a give them high winds names?     I know what I’d ha called it but that would be to rude to write down here. 
When that started a’blowin hard our electrics went orf.   I took the Missus to hev har hair done durin the arternoon in Watton , Their electric were on.  The Mawther in charge wanted t’know if I would like t’go in und hev a cup o’tea which were kind on har.    Our Electric din’t come back on when that got dark we ha’a use torches t’find our way around the house.   The Electric come back on just as we were a’thinkin about goin t’bed.
Doris  blew a tree down and that were a’blockin the road twix Carbrooke und Watton Green. When they finally got round t’movin the tree the telephone line come apart.  That were a job t’get that re-connected.  Every time I rung them up on my mobile I spoke t’somebody different , sum on um were in this country und some on um were in India.   One on um recon they were a’goin t’put a call divert on so when folk tried t’ring us they were diverted t’my mobile .  Well bor they made a right mess o’that.   When folk tried t’ring our home number they got re-directed.   The only trouble that wunt t’my mobile that were t’sum Lady who could not speak any English, and when folk tried t’ring my mobile direct they head the ringing tone but my mobile did not respond.  That took about six phone calls t’get that sorted out.
Anyway that took 11 days before we were r-connected and now BT recon them folk who did not report the fault will not get any compensation!  I recon there were sum 15 houses that were cut of for the 11 days.  If some o’them folk din’t hev a mobile how were they suppose to report the fault?
Well I recon Spring hev arrived, although old mother nature keep a hullin in a few cold days just to let us all know that she can still change the weather if she want to.
Still thas good t’see things a gettin green und that meake yu want t’git outside und start a’doin suffin in the garden.     The trouble is my old shoulder is still a’playin up so I arnt in full harness yet.    I hev hed my old pressure washer out und hev cleaned the concrete und brick weave paths down, thas suprising how much dirt there is t’clean orf.    As I said to the Missus thas best that stay outside rather than get carted indoors.   The Missus do mob sometimes if I go indoors und hant cleaned my old boots or forget t’teake them orf.  She hev even bought me a proper brush und foot scraper t’use.
The grass that hev a’started a’growin. I hev bin over it once with my old mower  so the next job ull be t’get the moss orf und  put some slits inta the ground t’help the drainage.  I hev got one o’them machine that do that for me.  That hev got a motor on it but I hev still got t’push it along. I’ll tell yu suffin thas easier than using a hand rake t’get the moss orf und using a four tined fork t’aerate the soil. 
Thas all change up at Carra Rood.  They hev got rid o’that young manager.  I suppose that were a’goin t’happen cos the team hant been playin to well leartly.   The trouble is once the game start the Manager can’t do anything apart from shoutin at um   Another thing I recon is that the Manager was not much older than the players and that could meake it difficult for him(the Manager) to earn their respect. I remember what that were like when I became a Farm Foreman several weeks before my 21st Birthday.   I dont know if that would apply t’football managers but the Principal at the Agricultural collage I went to recon that “you should never ask a man to do a job you cannot du, or hev not dun yourself”.
We hev just hed a Breckland Council election in the Village.   That were because one of our Councillors were rude to a lady at a Hunt Meet in Yorkshire.   I arn’t a’goin to repeat what he said cos that were very rude.  When somebody is pointin a mobile phone at him you would hev thought  he would have been careful what he said.    I recon that were a case of him puttin his mouth in gear a’fore his brain.    I hope a lot on yar went and voted cos unless you vote I dont recon you should criticise them who git elected. They tell me there is a’goin t’be NCC elections in May so we’ll ha’a turn out agen.
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin

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