The Boy Tom – June 2017

Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

My heart thas suffin hot (last week May) we hev just hed a tempist so that might bring the old temperature down a’bit.

That must be a gettin hot corse I hev stopped a wearin me vest und me braces. The Missus she git suffin worried when we go out t’gether corse she recon that would be embarrassing if me trousers come down. I told har t’stop a worrying corse if my old belt break I hev got a bit o’binder twine (string) in me pocket. I told har I hed two bits o’string, one were red und the other were blue so I recon nobody would notice. She din’t say anything…….she just gi me one o’har looks.

Corse all this hot weather mean the farmers are a’having to irrigate their crops t’keep them a’goin. They used t’recon that only payed t’put water onto root crops like beet und spuds but ridin about I hev seen Barley und Wheat a’bein irrigated just t’keep the plants alive. They allus recon that suger beet plants should meet in the rows by the Suffolk Show (end May) and meet acrorse the rows by the Norfolk Show (end June). I don’t think thas a goin t’happen this year corse sum o’the beet I hev seen while a’ridin about will be lucky if they are a’meetin in the row by the Norfolk Show.

Thas a easy job a settin up them irrigating machines now. All they ha’a do is move the machine along the end o’the field und then drag the irrigation gun on the end of a gret old polythene pipe acroos the field und then turn the water on. While thas a’goin the water pressure slowly turn the reel on the machine which wind the polythene pipe back onta the drum and drag the irrigation gun back towards the machine. All the movin about is done usin a tractor. Afore these reel system come about yu ha’a move 30ft aluminium pipes with a sprinkler on a 2ft pipe a’stickin up a one end by hand. Yu ha’a hev enough of these connected up t’go right acroos the field. That wernt s’bad a’carrying the pipes acroos a level field but that were suffin hard when yu ha’a carry them acroos potato ridges. To keep them pipes upright arter yu hed moved them when yu hed connected the first pipe up yu tunned the valve on the feeder pipe open a bit so the weight o’the water kept the pipe in place. The trick wus t’just hev enough water a’running down the pipes so when you connected the last pipe ,with a end cap on, there were enough time t’git outa the way afore the pressure built up und the sprinklers started a warkin.

That used t’teak 4 hours t’put on a inch o’water onta the crop. So we used t’git 4 moves in a day. That ment a startin a 6 am und then moving the pipes by hand at 4 hourly intervals with the last move bein some time arter 6pm. Then somebody ha’a go und tun orf the water pump some time arter 10pm und then yu started again a 6am next day. Some farmers hed an electric water pump a pumpin the water from a river or bore hole but most farmers used a tractor t’drive the water pump so yu ha’a go and look at that t’meake sure that din’t run outa fuel. During the early 1970s I remember a farmer told a student who were a warkin for him t’go und check the fuel und oil levels on the tractor a’drivin the irrigation pump. He went und cum back und told the farmer everything were all right: Half an hour leater the tractor seized up . The student hed checked the oil level while the tractor were runnin flat out in stead o’stoppin it so when he drew the dip stick outa the engine there would be plenty of oil a’showin.

I read that Norridge City hev appointed a German coach. They recon he’s the best man for the job. I recon there will be a lot o’cummins und goins a’for the next season start.

Cos all they seem t’be a’showin on the TV at the moment is about the election in June.
When yu watch them leaders a’bein interviewed they never answer the question und they tell yu things that they are a’goin t’du if they get elected und then forget about arter they elected. That remind me o’suffin I were told a few year ago. They reconned to be a good politician yu ha’a be able t’talk for 5 minutes about nothin while yu are a’thinkin o’suffin t’say.

Afore I go I hed better remind all on yar that there is a’goin t’be a 2 day event on in the village on the 31st June und the 1st July. There are a’lot of folk involved und thell be a lot a’goin on on the millennium Green und in the village Hall und the Church. They tell me there’s goin t’be the unveiling of a new information board about the church. That all kick orf on the Friday night (June 30th) in the Village Hall, the bar will be open, when sum folk from the Village Heritage Group are a’goin t’be talkin about the history of the village. I might see yu there?

That’ll be the Norfolk Show durin the week afore the village du. I’ll be ther a’helpin on Mr Mawkin’s Farm. Thas where are the Rare Breed Livestock are . The Missus still recon I should be in a pen as she recon I’m a Rare Breed! If yu come and hev a look I’ll very likely be the one in a pen!

I hed better stop now cos if I keep a’runnin on I shall start t’sound like one o’them politicians.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.

The Boy Tom

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