The Boy Tom’s July ramblings

Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

I am suffin late a’writin this cos I hev bin suffin stowed up wi things t’du leartly. That all started at the’beginnin o’last month (June).

The Missus und I were supposed t’be a goin over the water for three weeks w’our caravan.We din’t go cos I were a bit moderate und got behind with a’lot o’things. When I were a’feelin better we hed a week away up North Norfolk w’the caravan. Old Mother Nature played har cards right weather wise although we hed one day when that rained suffin hard. We got about und hed a look at things twix Cromer & Holkham.

One o’the places we went to were that Animal Sanctuary at West Runton. My heart they hev a rare lot of animals there. Their got 1500 hosses und 350 head o’cattle. thas with-out the Goats, Alpacas, Pigs, Deer und Hins. The wuss thing was a readin how sum folk hed treated sum o’them animals afore they got moved to the Sanctuary. Why du folk keep animals if they are a’goin the treat them badly? We hed a look round und see that yu could adopt a animal. We could only adopt one so we adopted one o’the Shire Hosses there who’s called William. We were able t’see him cos he were one o’the hosses they kept a stable nearby so folk could see a heavy hoss.

Another place we walked up to were Beeston Bump. Thas right on the coast und were a bit of a climb but the view were worth it. There were several folk a goin up the path. I say t’the Missus if yu feel like stoppin t’get yar breath stop und pretend t’teake a photo so folk dont know yu are hevin a rest. She din’t say anything…….. she just gi me one o’har looks.

Since I last hed a wud along w’yu we hev hed the election……. that dint tun out the way they wanted? Thas a’goin t’be an uphill job for har in number 10 t’keep things a’goin und get what she want from these here Brexit talks. I recon that’ll teake sum time cos the other countries hev all got to agree everything between them-selves und thes more than twenty on-um!

I went to the Norfolk Show on the Wednesday t’help on the Rare Breed Survival Trust Stand, or as they called it now “Mr Mawkin’s farm. ( For them who don’t know Mawkin is the Norfolk wud for a Scarecrow). That rained the whol day: They tell me that 2.75ins rain fell on the show ground twix Tuesday aternoon und Wednesday aternoon. but there still a rare lot o’folk about. I recon a lot on um hed bought tickets afore hand. We were suffin busy. Fust o’all the Show Present come t’see us. She seemed a nice Mawther, they tell me she wark at Norwich Cathedreral, I nearly asked har if she could hev a wud with the Al-Mighty t’see if he could get the rain t’stop.
Arter she hed gone we hed the President o’the RBST cum t’see us. He’s that Jimmy Doherty who were on the TV with “Jimmy’s Farm”. He were with us the best part of’an hour. He spent a lot o’time a’talking the folk who were a’lookin a the animals we hed in pens und letting folk tek a photo with-un on their phones.

I’ll tell yu suffin , when I were a driving home from the show I see that the rain hev knocked down Barley, Wheat und Oil Seed Rape crops. Cos the ears o grain are heavy that’s be a job cum harvest time: cos that’ll lay there now until the rest o’the crop ripen und cos thas a lyin flat that ount dry s’quick as the standin corn. That’ll be a job t’harvest und if the rain when the corn is ripe them ears of grain on the ground could rot or start showing green shoots. Still harvest is still a little way orf although when I were out tuther side o’Watton this morning (5th July) I did see a combine in a field a’gettin set up ready t’start cutting sum winter barley.

There were a rare du in the Village tuther week-end. They hed organised a Village Festival. There were a lot’o information in the Church all laid out for folk t’look at und on the Saturday there were a lot o’stalls in the Village Hall. On the Millennium Green there were sum 2nd Word War lorries und some Fella who carve statues outa wood with a chain saw. He hed made a job on it und all. There were a another fella a sittin in the Church Yard a’makin axe heads outa gret old lumps o’flint. That din’t du t’get to close to him cos them old bits o’flint were a flyin about. He hed a look round the church und recon he could tell where the flints used t’build the church come from. He recon that the dark ones round the bottom come from out Brandon way und the lighter coloured ones further up the walls come from a pit nearby in the village.
The Week-end started on the Friday evening with the unveiling of a new Church Information Board. That were all drawn up by a fella who live in France.(He’s related to some one in the Village) He hed made a rare good job on it. I recon Carbrooke must be the only village in Norfolk t’hev a sign like it. They tell me he’s a’goin t’du another one showin the places o’interest in the rest o’the village.

This here rain hev made things in the garden grow suffin quick so I hed better stop a writtin und teake my old hoe for a walk round the garden.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a troshin.

The Boy Tom

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