August ramblings from the Boy Tom

How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Well that old corn harvest seem to be a stop start one at the moment (last week July). Still them old farmers still hev a bit o’time for sum dry weather. What they don’t want t’du is t’hev t’turn the old corn dryer on that’ll cost money cos them old dryers burn a’lot of fuel when they get goin.

Since I last hed a’wud along with yu I hev bin t’one of them music festivals . No I dint go t’ Glastonbury though I did meet the farmer who run it a few year ago at a agricultural show. I went t’one in Suffolk at Jimmy’s Farm near Ipswich. Them Rare Breed Survival Trust folk had bin invited t’hev a stand ther cos Jimmys the RBST President. As well as havin a stand there they were having a competition to see who could produce the best sausage mead w’rare breed meat. Du yu know they hed 38 different sausages sent in from all over the country t’cook und taste. I wunt a’doin the tastin, they wanted me t’teake a few photographs that they could put on their web site und inta their magazine.

When I got t’Jimmys Farm the fust thing I see near the car part were several acres o’tents that folk were a’stayin in for the week-end. There were also several caravans there und all.
A’fore they started a’tastin the sausages I hed a look round. There a lot o’different Rare Breed animals for folk t’hev a look at, there were a circus that were a’puttin on several performances on the Saturday und Sunday. Then there this gret old stage that hed bin put t’gether for the music festival. In front o’this were an acre or two o’grass where folk could sit und listen to the music. Round this area there a rum lot o’food stalls e’sellin things I hed never heard on a’for; Was Pulled Pork when thas at home? I recon if I asked the Missus for that she’d gi me one o’har funny looks!!
I see Jimmy but he were suffin busy a’doin interviews with the BBC t’try und get more folk t’come through the gate. That were suffin leart when they got a’goin with the sausage tastin. There were 4 on um a’doin it. Arter about a couple o’hours they cum to a verdict about who the winners were. I were to busy a’teakin photos t’get a bite of any on um so afore I cum away I hed t’git suffin t’eat . When I went back t’the food stalls Chas und Dave were a playin und I hed suffin to eat I understood… Fish und Chips.

I’ll tell yu suffin else. When I cum home from Jimmys I found I were still a wearin one o’them wrist bands from the RBST. That say on it “I’m a Rare Breed” The Missus told me t’keep it on. I recon thas cos if she ever lose me she can tell folk t’look for an old fool a’warin a “green Rare Breed” wrist band.

Afore I got down t’writin this I see on the local TV programme a bit about sheep dog trials bein held nearby. Several years ago I helped w’one or two o’them that were organised by the Shepherd who used t’look arter the sheep on the Holkham Park. My job were t’let the sheep outa the pen afore the dog started it’s run. There used t’be several local shepherds a’takin part and they were good. Thinkin about the shepherd at Holkham reminded me o’the time I went t’see him und he took me t’see his dogs. He used t’train them for other folk und allus hed about 10 dogs tied up in an old cow shed near where he lived. When we got in there he told me not t’git to close t’one dog cos that were a bit savige und would bite. He got a talkin und I forgot what he said und stepped to close t’this here dog. Well bor that fanged hold o’my leg. Once he hed got the dog orf me I hed a look und he hed drawn blood on m’leg wi’his teeth. The Shepherd was only interested in where I got me’trousers from cos the dog hadant torn them when he hed fanged hold o’me.

Well the start o’the old football season is only just round the corner now. Norridge hev got the Fulham boys on the fust Saturday. They hant done to well against them in the past but perhaps this here new German coach will be able t’du suffin about that?

I’m goin t’suggest to the Missus that we teake our old caravan t’Jimmys Festival next year for the week-end………… I’ll let yu know what har reply is.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.

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