September ramblings from the Boy Tom

Harmonettes wide view

Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

They recon thas a’goin t’be an early finish t’the corn harvest this year? That were a rare early start und they hev had a good run at it although when I were havin a ride round tuther day I see that The Young Master up at the Hall hev still got a field or two of Wheat t’cut. I see they were a’sayin in the pearper tuther day that that han’t bin a bad harvest und they are a’exporting Wheat und Barley outa Yarmouth t’Spain cos they hev hed a moderate harvest cus that hev bin suffin hot und their corn crops hev just dried orf.

Since I last hed a wud along w’yu I hev bin laid up agin. I hev hed a abscess on m’back for sum time. The Doctor took a look at is a’while ago und recon that hant got a head on it so he recon that would be alright t’leave it alone. Well about 4 weeks ago I got bitten by a old Hoss Fly right on the abscess: that come up suffin big so I drawed down t’see the Doctor. He hed a look at it und recon I’d ha’a go t’hospital the next day t’hev it removed by local anaesthetic . So next day the Missus und I driv up to the Norfolk und Norridge Hospital. Two doctors hed a look at me und recon that were to big for them t’du so I’d ha’a cum the next day und hev it removed under a general anaesthetic, they recon they were a’goin t’put me on the “Abscess Pathway”!! und that I mussunt hev anything t’eat arter midnight. (I hed a gret old plate o’porridge a’for I went t’bed) un be there at 7am.
So away I go agin next day und hed the operation. When I cum round I were in gret old round room with a lot o’other folk who were a’cummin round from their operations. When I got back t’the recovery ward they recon I could hev suffin t’eat, so they gi’me a round o’toast und marmalade. In the middle o’the arternoon they recon I could go home. I got dressed und the Missus come t’fetch me. Just afore they let me go they tested my sugar levels(cos I’m a Diabetic) Well bor my old sugars were suffin high so they recon they ha’a do suffin about it afore they let me go. The Nurses let the Missus in t’see me although she ha’a sit behind the certain cos visitors arn’t normally aloud in the recovery ward. Arter about 3 hours they recon I’d ha’a stay in overnight. So the Missus went home und they rigged up a drip which they plugged inta my arm t’help bring my sugar level down. I got onto a ward at about half nine in the evening but I din’t git a’lot o’sleep cos they kept a’wakin me up every hour t’test me sugar levels, by next mornin they were down und I cum home.

I’ll tell you suffin that old anaesthetic din’t half knock the stuffin out o’me und that took me about a week t’git over it. The trouble is I arn’t aloud t’do any heavy liftin und carrying und I can’t ride my old bike. The Missus she’s a’doin har best t’keep things a’goin in the garden as well as lookin arter me. I hev told har not t’worry about them old weeds cos if they grow up a bit that’ll meake them easier for me t’pull out when I’m finally a’firin on all cylinders.

Well them boys up at Carra Rood arn’t a havin a’good time at the moment. I recon yu can’t meake that many charges to the team und expect them t’play well straight away. Thas a bit like when yu plant suffin in the garden, that teake that a’little while t’get a’goin. The trouble is them Tractor Boys (Ipswich)are a’doin well at the moment und we are a’goin t’see my Brother next week-end .As an Ipswich fan I recon he might hev suffin t’say!

The Missus und I drawed down t’the Village Church tuther evenin t’the concert. My heart that were a good du. There were a young Mawther there, she could’d half sing and there were some more local Mawthers who were good as well. The Church were suffin full o’folk und the Vica asked if we could all cum back to the service on Sunday. They hed a couple o’hosses there und they rid them inta the church through the West Door just like them Knights Templars did all them years ago.

They tell me that the village History group are a’puttin on a talk in the Village Hall on the 22nd September. They hev got sum chap a’commin along t’talk about Farming Today & Yesterday and how that hev affected the Village. The Missus und I are a’goin down to it so I might see yu there.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.

The Boy Tom

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