Parish Council meetings 2017

Monday 11 December: Carbrooke Village Hall

Parish Council meetings 2018

Monday 8 January: Blenheim Grange Community Cabin

Monday 12 February: Carbrooke Village Hall

Monday 12 March: Blenheim Grange Community Cabin

Monday 9 April (Annual Parish Meeting at 6.30pm followed by the ordinary Parish Council meeting): Carbrooke Church  

Monday 7 May (Annual Parish Council Meeting at which the Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected for the year): Carbrooke Church

Monday 11 June: Carbrooke Church

Monday 9 July: Blenheim Grange Community Cabin

Monday 10 September: Carbrooke Church

Monday 8 October: Blenheim Grange Community Cabin

Monday 12 November: Blenheim Grange Community Cabin

Monday 10 December: Blenheim Grange Community Cabin

About parish council meetings

The Parish Council is comprised of seven members who represent the village on various matters. The Parish Council is the third tier of local government after Norfolk County Council and Breckland Council.

We usually meet on the second Monday of every month except August. We discuss a variety of issues which affect the community.

The public is very welcome to attend our meetings and we encourage comments to be made during the Public Participation period of each meeting.

The Agenda for all Council meetings is posted on the village website and the parish noticeboards at least 3 working days in advance of the meeting.

Occasionally, if business requires, the Parish Council will hold an additional meeting. Notice of this meeting, together with an Agenda, will be published at least 3 working days prior to the date of the meeting.

Meetings are held at different venues. There are occasions when the stated venue has to be changed, so please always consult the Agenda for the meeting in advance.

The Agenda can be found on the website or the parish noticeboards. You can always obtain a copy from the Parish Clerk.

If you wish to raise a point for discussion on the Agenda, you are welcome to do so. Please submit full details to the Parish Clerk at least seven working days in advance of the next meeting.

All Council meetings start at 7pm unless otherwise stated on the Agenda.

How to contact your Council

Please contact the Clerk in the first instance:

Nick Hartley

Oakleigh House,

Shipdham Lane,


NR19 2LB.

01362 687492

A Brief Guide to Attending Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council welcomes members of the public to all its meetings. You are welcome to let the Council know of anything in the village which is of concern so that action can be considered on your behalf.

You can either contact the Parish Clerk with your concerns, or attend one of the Council’s meetings.

Q1. At which meetings may I speak ?

All public meetings of the Council give an opportunity for members of the public to speak.

Q2. How will I know when to speak ?

The Chairman will adjourn the meeting and invite public comments. This is usually early in the meeting and is referred to on the Agenda as Public Participation.

Q3. Are there items I may not discuss ?

Matters that are confidential or commercially sensitive may not be addressed in public.

Q4. How do I know what is on the Agenda ?

The Agenda is published on the website and the Council’s noticeboards at least 3 working days in advance of the meeting. A copy will be available at the meeting.

Q5. How do I arrange to speak ?

It is preferred that you contact the Clerk prior to the meeting, or raise your hand when the Chairman invites the public to speak.

Q6. What should I say ?

The Council prefers that you identify yourself and state your concern briefly and clearly.

Q7. For how long may I speak ?

You will be allowed 3 minutes. At the discretion of the Chairman you may be allowed slightly longer, but only in exceptional circumstances.

Q8. May I raise an issue that is not on the Agenda ?

Yes, but please bear in mind that the Council’s discussion of the point may have to be delayed until a subsequent meeting as the Council is unable to make a decision binding in law unless a specific item is included on the agenda.

Q9. May I raise an issue for inclusion on the agenda ?

Yes. Please submit full details to the Parish Clerk at least seven working days in advance of the date of the next Council meeting.

Q10. Will the Council respond to my concerns ?

Yes, on a case by case basis.

Q11. Am I allowed to film, photograph or record Parish Council meetings ?

The law permits you to film, record, photograph or use social media in order to report on the proceedings of a meeting of the Council or its committees when they are open to the public. This does not extend to live verbal commentary. Filming and photography are only permitted in the area designated. No flash photography or additional lighting can be used without prior consent. If you wish to report on a meeting, please notify the Chairman or the Clerk so that you can be afforded reasonable facilities. Persons under the age of 18 are not to be filmed or photographed. All persons who do not wish to be filmed or photographed must be afforded the opportunity to say so and will be seated in an area designated for this purpose.

We hope you find the meeting useful.

If you have any queries please consult the Parish Clerk.

Nick Hartley

Oakleigh House,

Shipdham Lane,


NR19 2LB.

01362 687492