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Carbrooke Pre-School is a small friendly group which meets in the Village Hall.

We are run by a committee of volunteers and employ local staff.

Our aim is to provide a secure, warm and stimulating environment where children can meet, have fun and learn through play.

We cater for pre-school children between the ages of 2 and 5 and offer a wide range of activities which relate directly to the Early Years Foundation Scheme (EYFS) where children are encouraged to learn through structured play activities.

Carbrooke Pre-School offers:
  • A warm, friendly environment
  • Equal opportunities for all children and their parents 
  • Individual care and attention for children 
  • A high ratio of adults to children
  • Fun and friendship with other children and adults
  • Links with Carbrooke school/ SureStart Group

Latest Pre-School News

Village fete and flower show a great success

By News Editor | July 3, 2018

After months of planning the village fete and flower show finally arrived last weekend. We could not have asked for a more perfect summer day. Those involved in the preparation and organisation did a fabulous job – especially Jim Lorne – so a big thanks to him and everyone who helped. More news soon about…

Bus timetable for Village Fete

By News Editor | June 18, 2018

Carbrooke Summer Fete & Teddy Bear Flower Festival Bus Route & Timetable Pick up points Carbrooke Flying Fish Car Park 9.30am/10.30am/11.30am/12.30pm——2.45pm/3.45pm/4.45pm Spar Car Park 9.35am/10.35/11.35am/12.35pm——2.50pm/3.50pm/4.50pm Akrotiri Square Lay By 9.40am/10.40/11.40am/12.40pm——2.55pm/3.55pm/4.55pm Thetford Road Car Park 9.50am/10.50/11.50am/12.50pm——3.05pm/4.05pm/5.05pm Ovington Letter Box 10am/11am/12am/1pm——3.15pm/4.15pm/5.15pm Caudle Springs 10.10am/11.10am/12.10am/1.10pm——-3.20pm/4.20pm/5.20pm Carbrooke Village Hall 10.15am/11.15am/12.15pm/1.15pm———2.30pm/3.30pm/4.30pm

The Bob Tom’s June ramblings

By News Editor | June 7, 2018

All I seem t’be a’talkin about at the moment is the Weather.  Since I last hed a wud along with yu that hev bin changin about as if Old Mother Nature don’t know what t’give us.    We hev bin a’havin some rare hot days und then when that rain that holi chuck it down.…

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Carbrooke pre-School is run by a committee of volunteers and employslocal staff.


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