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Carbrooke Pre-School is a small friendly group which meets in the Village Hall.

We are run by a committee of volunteers and employ local staff.

Our aim is to provide a secure, warm and stimulating environment where children can meet, have fun and learn through play.

We cater for pre-school children between the ages of 2 and 5 and offer a wide range of activities which relate directly to the Early Years Foundation Scheme (EYFS) where children are encouraged to learn through structured play activities.

Carbrooke Pre-School offers:
  • A warm, friendly environment
  • Equal opportunities for all children and their parents 
  • Individual care and attention for children 
  • A high ratio of adults to children
  • Fun and friendship with other children and adults
  • Links with Carbrooke school/ SureStart Group

Latest Pre-School News

Boy Tom’s July ramblings

By News Editor | July 3, 2018

Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether? Last time I hed a wud along with yu I started by a’talki.n about the weather…well I recon I’ll ha’a do the same this time. Thas alright if yu are on holiday but that aint su good if yu are a waitin for rain like most farmers…

Village fete and flower show a great success

By News Editor | July 3, 2018

After months of planning the village fete and flower show finally arrived last weekend. We could not have asked for a more perfect summer day. Those involved in the preparation and organisation did a fabulous job – especially Jim Lorne – so a big thanks to him and everyone who helped. More news soon about…

Bus timetable for Village Fete

By News Editor | June 18, 2018

Carbrooke Summer Fete & Teddy Bear Flower Festival Bus Route & Timetable Pick up points Carbrooke Flying Fish Car Park 9.30am/10.30am/11.30am/12.30pm——2.45pm/3.45pm/4.45pm Spar Car Park 9.35am/10.35/11.35am/12.35pm——2.50pm/3.50pm/4.50pm Akrotiri Square Lay By 9.40am/10.40/11.40am/12.40pm——2.55pm/3.55pm/4.55pm Thetford Road Car Park 9.50am/10.50/11.50am/12.50pm——3.05pm/4.05pm/5.05pm Ovington Letter Box 10am/11am/12am/1pm——3.15pm/4.15pm/5.15pm Caudle Springs 10.10am/11.10am/12.10am/1.10pm——-3.20pm/4.20pm/5.20pm Carbrooke Village Hall 10.15am/11.15am/12.15pm/1.15pm———2.30pm/3.30pm/4.30pm

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Carbrooke pre-School is run by a committee of volunteers and employslocal staff.


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