7.30pm at Hawthorn Cottage, Church St. Carbrooke

Those Present: Nigel Webster (Chairman), Mickey Wigg, Hilary Aspinwall, Alun Gibbs.
Also Present: Tracey Everett (Minutes Clerk)

Apologies: Debbie Muller

Previous Minutes agreed and Signed.

No Matters Arising.

Owl Boxes
Meeting with owl expert Mike Smith revealed that existing owl box is not in use as sited incorrectly. Suggested better position near pond on a telegraph pole. Alun Gibbs has kindly offered to pay for purchase of owl box (£100). Grademore Ltd will supply and transport telegraph pole £70.80. Pole and box to be erected/installed on 3rd Jan. Willing volunteers required to help with this. Some trees in front of box to be pruned for owl flight path. Existing box to be moved into better position for use as roosting box for males. Owls to be monitored by Mike Smith who is fully licensed to monitor and handle owls.

Bird Boxes
A selection of different types of boxes, to appeal to different types and sizes of bird, to be made and put in place in wooded areas. Possibly some bat boxes too.

Dog’s Mess
The School has raised concerns about amount of dog’s mess. Current signs are out of date regarding legislation. New signs required. Discussed idea of requesting people to keep their dogs on leads in the first field (that mainly used by the school and young families) but to continue to be allowed off lead on rest of Green although dog’s mess to be cleared up on all parts of the Green. This would address dog control issues too. To be discussed further.

Pond Water
A member of the public has raised concerns about the water level in the pond and suggested topping up with tap water. Recent rains have started filling the pond up naturally. Research into tap water use for ponds by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust clearly state how harmful tap water is for pond ecology. At present water level is not a problem but will be monitored.

Pruning Trees to Reduce Brambles
Orchard has been pruned and tidied up. Alun to count apple trees for future reference. Prunings to be used by school for Forest School activities.

Ask Gary Lake to cut grass once per month April-September.
Lifebelt for pond to be purchased.
Hall has been booked AGM on 7th October 2015 7.30pm

Next Meeting: 28th January 2015 at Hawthorn Cottage, Church St. Carbrooke.