The Boy Tom’s thoughts for January

Well how are yu all agettin on t’gether?

I am a writtin this but I don’t know how you will be a’readin on it. That might be in the New Penny News or that might be “On Line” what ever that mean.

Well Christmas und the New Year are behind us now. I recon we are all a’wonderin was a’goin t’happen in 2017. Still as my old father used t’say “The’ll Allus be a seed time und harvest no matter what old mother nature hull at us”. I recon the’ll be a lot o’folk who’ll be a wonderin what Mr Trump will be a hullin about once he get his old feet under the teable in the oval office. Closer t’home I suppose that’ll be all about them there BREXIT talks with them over the water.

The Missus und I got about a bit afore Christmas. We went t’Norwich Cathedral one Saturday night t’hear them Military Wives choirs a’singin. My heart they sounded lovely. Another arternoon we drawed down t’Cromer und went to the Christmas show what they were a’holdin at the end o’the pair. They recon thas the only end o’pair show a’runnin in the World. That were a good do: We were a sittin up stairs right in the font row, that were a bit of a’job cos you ha’a sit up straight t’see the stage over the low wall a’front of’our seats. The Missus she sit on har coat so she could see und as I’m a big old unit I could see alright un all. When that were half time I went t’git us an ice cream. They wernt a sellin any upstairs so I ha’a climb down the stairs und go and find a Mawther who were selling on um. By the time I found har I recon I hed walked to the end o’the pair und back. Arter the show were over we hed a word a’long o’the main man in the show cos he und I have done a’bit o’work t’gether at the Norfolk Show, arter that we went und hed a fish un chip tea und then hed a walk round Cromer t’look at their Christmas lights.

Another place we went were t’a carol service by candle light in Norwich. That were a job ,when we went in they give us a candle each that were stuck through a bit o’card board. A’for the service stated they cum round und lit the candles und then they tunned out all the lights in the church. Well that were alright for the fust hymn or two but by as time drawed on my old candle were a burnin down. Come the last verse o’the last hymn (O’cum all ye faithful) my candle sort’a set fire the the cardboard disc. Well bor I din’t know what t’du so I dropped it on the wooden floor und the Missus helped me t’put the fire out by stampin on it. There was a bit o’smoke und a few sparks but I don’t think a lot o’folk noticed apart from a couple o’mawthers standin behind us.

Talkin o’Churches und light did any on yar see the light on the tower o’our village church. That were a’showin the cross of St John. I drawed down one night und took a photo on it.
The Missus recon I would get arrested cos I were dressed all in black und were carrying a gret old torch so I could light up the church tower when I were a takin my photo. I din’t git arrested und I got a photo or two.

Well them boys up at Carra Rood he got plenty t’du. They hev won their last match (3-1) less hope that mean they hev tunned the corner. They say these a’goin t’be some cummins und goins durin January’s transfer window.

The farmers seem to hev got them old sugar beet out und away t’the factory. I driv past that there beet factory at Whissey on Christmas day. That were a going with clouds o’steam und you could smell that old beet pulp a dryin. What they ha’a do is make sure they get the farmers t’cart enough beet in t’keep a’goin over Christmas until they open the weigh bridges agin. That seem a’long while ago (the 1960s) when I were a’cartin beet inta the Bury factory with a little old 8 tonne Bedford lorry. I used t’teake 2 load a day, and the beet were all hulled on by hand.

Some Farmers will already hev sheep that are a lambin. But they ha’a be kept inside und till the weather warm up und the grass start a’growin.

That’ll be better when the old weather warm up so I can draw out inta the garden. At the moment all I ha’a do is feed my old hins und keep and eye out for any vermin (rats) that may start a working in my old compost heaps. They like a’gettin in there cos thas warm.

At least I only ha’a worry about rats: one o’our Sons he’s in America at the moment und he ha sent me a photo of a sign he see when he were out a runnin the tuther mornin. That were a tellin him t’be careful cos there were Snakes und Alligators in the area.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin

The Boy Tom

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