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As we start a New Year, we can look back on the past year, as one of surprises, uncertainty,  joy and sadness. The many events that shaped the year may have been the topic of conversation at the time, but in years to come, will they just be a moment in time, or will they have long term effects.

The issues of the moment have always been significant at the time; local, national and international events, the birth or loss of loved ones, unusual weather events, we may be able to find out about how these events affected our ancestors by the study of old newspapers, which are available in the archives, or online (for a fee!). They can add interesting insight into how events affected our ancestors, and whether they had long term effects to ordinary people or our country as a whole.

The Heritage Group were saddened by the sudden death of Jeff Burbidge in early January, and we send our condolences to his family and friends, Jeff had lived in Carbrooke since 2003, and was a stalwart member of the Heritage Group. We shall miss him.

At our last meeting we discussed the various events we are planning this year, dates to be decided, and which include

  • An interactive talk about the First World War and its effect on our area by a local historian.
  • A talk on metal detecting and local finds, by a village resident.
  • The history of home ownership and what all that legal jargon means.
  • A presentation about farming the agricultural cycle and how it shaped the Carbrooke life.

We had a preview of the hand drawn information board to display in the church yard. It is a beautiful and unique depiction of the Church, and has been produced by the father of Alex Talbot. He is also planning a Village Board, to show locations of interest around the village.

We look forward to the Carbrooke Festival on 1st and 2nd July, ‘The Life and Times of Carbrooke’ Featuring Carbrooke life, now and in the past, how we lived, were educated, played, worked, worshipped, family life, and died.

Heritage Display centred in the church all weekend, with refreshments, also activities in the Village Hall and Village Green, with bar open.

We would like to invite anyone with photos, artefacts, stories, memories to get in contact.

We would especially like photos – if you were born in Carbrooke (100 years ago, 50 years ago or yesterday), were you baptized or married in Carbrooke. Did you or your family, go to school in Carbrooke. This is our village, our Heritage, please get in touch.

The weekend will begin on Friday 30th June, with a ‘potted history’ presentation of Carbrooke history from earliest times until today, with slide show and items of interest.

If you want to know more about the place you live, come along.

More details to follow, but put the date in your diary.

Our next meeting is Thursday 9th February  7pm in the Village Hall Committee Room.

All welcome to our informal meetings.



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Angela Weatherill

The Crown Public House Meadow Lane. With Mr & Mrs (Jack) Johnson Publicans.

Carbrooke Mothers Union 1940’s/50’s

Carbrooke Cricket Club 1929

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