KEEP BRITAIN TIDY……….take your litter home!

 Are you old enough to remember those excellent public information films of the 70’s? I have to say the catchy slogans and sensible advice they offered have stayed with me over the years. What about:- Wear something white at night and Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule, perhaps I should have ‘got out more’ when I was younger? The reason I mention these ‘social messages’ is that the one about Keeping Britain Tidy seems to have fallen by the wayside in recent times.

However, there is good news because a growing number of folk up and down the country are getting involved in ‘Litter Picks’. Here in Norfolk, Nigel and Jenny Ford from Hardingham have started Love Norfolk, Hate Litter Campaign asking every resident in the county to collect one bag of litter this year. So, as part of the Peoples Post Code Lottery Funded, Growing Together Project I would like to encourage  people to embrace a ‘Keep Wayland Tidy’ Campaign.

The days are getting warmer and lighter, it’s a great time of year to be ‘out and about’ so why not combine a nice walk with a litter pick? I started doing this a few weeks ago and I have to say it is both an addictive and very satisfying activity. You don’t need lots of expensive equipment, all I have is a pair of old gardening gloves, heavy duty black bin bag, ‘grabber stick’, and of course a hi viz waistcoat so that I can ’be seen and be safe’.

Unfortunately most of the litter I am picking up seems to be drink cans. Carslesberg Special Brew and Red Bull, seem to be the favoured beverages of those leaving their litter along the highways and byeways of our beautiful Wayland Villages! Not only does this look awful it also presents a real risk to our wildlife and even family pets.

Latest findings from the Norfolk Small Mammal Research Project, showed 5% of littered cans are the direct cause of death of voles and shrews. The RSPCA receives more than 5000 calls a year regarding animals and birds being harmed or killed by litter. Mr Ford said ‘’Shrews, voles and mice are the main victims seen on his litter picks. They often get trapped in drinks cans and die from starvation or from stress’’.

By raising awareness and encouraging people to stop littering the countryside with cans, we can make a significant contribution to preserving wildlife. The Wayland Partnership ‘Growing Together Project’ wholeheartedly  supports the Love Norfolk, Hate Litter Campaign, and is urging individuals and community groups of all ages to get out and pick up litter. In the coming month’s it is hoped to be able to offer a limited number of FREE ‘Litter Pick Kits’ to voluntary Community Groups in Wayland. If you would like to be considered for one of the kits (Litter Grabbers, Hi Viz Waistcoats) please register your interest with Pamela Morgan, Project Worker for the Growing Together Project:-

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