The Surge Fund

The Surge Fund is managed by the Wayland Partnership and provides funding for innovative and creative projects led by young people. We are open to all types of projects, as long as the idea impacts positively on a group of young people and doesn’t benefit a business. You can apply at any time until 30th September 2018 for a grant of up to £500, and we will assess your application within four weeks.

About the fund:

The Project Rainbow Trustees have wound up the charity that created The Surge as a youth venue for local young people which closed when the building, the redundant GP Surgery, was sold to a business. The trustees have asked the Wayland Partnership to manage the remaining funds by setting up a small grant scheme . The Surge Fund will be available to groups of young people in the Wayland Area from 1st October 2017 to 30th September 2018. Applications for up to £500 may be made at any time up to September 1st, 2018 and the funds spent by December 1st, 2018. However, this is a small fund which is likely to be popular so early application is advised. Adult Group leaders may apply on behalf of young people. However applications completed by young people will be welcome (counter-signed by an adult leader who will take responsibility for the funds). The grant will be paid to successful applicants at the start of the project, but a de-tailed record of spending and a report on the success of the project must be submitted when the project is completed. We are looking for creative and innovative projects which will help to increase membership, develop new skills and make a difference to members of the group. Groups will need to have their own Bank Account in order to receive a grant.

Who may apply?

The fund, (maximum grant £500) is available to Youth Groups (members under the age of 18) in Watton and the Wayland villages.
It is also available to mixed age groups with a significant number of members under the age of 18.
Who may not apply?

Groups where all members are over 18
Adults (except those applying on behalf of young people)
Groups where the fund would benefit a business.
What can you spend the grant money on?

We are open to all types of projects, as long as the idea impacts positively on a group of young peo ple. The ap plication may include funding for equipment, a course to develop new skills, support for a new or existing activi ty. We’re looking for exciting ideas from across the community, so get creative!

What can you not spend the grant money on?

General running costs
Items which will mainly benefit adults
Items which will benefit a business
Application form from 01953 880204


Now that the various members of the Wayland Heritage Group have recovered from the efforts of re-searching The Impact of World War One on Wayland, our thoughts are turning to a follow-on project which will look at the impact the Second World War had on this area. The idea is very much in its infancy and we still have to meet as a group to decide on the details. However, we are keen to put in a bid to Heritage Lottery Fund in order to fund the research and training needed as well as publish our results. The existing village groups and individuals have all expressed a great deal of interest, although we lack an individual or small group of people who will research Watton.

Although a great deal has already been done and will continue to be done in terms of the airfield by many individuals and groups, and we are extremely grateful that a lot of support has already been offered to allow access to a range of materials and infor-mation about the base, we also need to understand what impact such a large influx of people had on the town and its facilities. How did local people feel about the presence of an airfield plac-ing them very much in the front line? We need to look at the wider impact of war on the town as a whole and its relationship with the village communities. What impact did the war have on businesses in Watton, especially with rationing and shortages of supplies? If you think you could take on even a small aspect of the research on Watton we would love to have you join us.

For the project as a whole we anticipate similar categories to WWI, such as the impact on women, chil-dren, everyday life, transport, farming and so on. In addition this was a new kind of warfare, brought to the doorstep, and therefore will have had a different impact to the previous one. We found in WWI that the role of women became increasingly significant, so what further changes were brought about in WW2? What stories do we have of evacuees? How did the people of Way-land feel about impending war? There will be stories of the Land Army, of prisoners of war put to work on our farms, of bombs and aircraft crashes. We hope to be able to record oral histories of personal experiences or family memories. There will be a huge amount more; this is but an outline of what we hope to include. The outcomes of the project are dependent on a successful bid to HLF and we are eager to try and secure the funding. Look out for details of Heritage Group meetings and other news on the project.

Meanwhile If you would like to know more about getting involved please contact us or come along to our first meeting, which we will publicise shortly. Even if you only have time to research one small area of inter-est your input would be welcome. Please contact by phone to 01953 883915 or

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