The Boy Tom’s ramblings for October

Them old nights are a pullin in suffin quick now, that’ll soon be too dark t’git outside un du a bit in the garden arter tea.
I am nearly back inta full harness cos the operation I hed on my back hev nearly healed up.   When we went t’see the nus tuther day she recon I could start a riddin my old bike agin.    I were suffin pleased t’git back onta the saddle und start a ridin round arter mi pearper.
Since I last hed a wud along wi yu the Missus und I hev bin over the water w’our caravan.   Them Nurses down at the surgery showed the Missus how t’re-dress my back every four t’five days while we were away.   Du yu know what she ha’a put inta the wound t’keep it clean……seaweed.   That dint look or spell like sea weed t’me but that seem t’be a’doin the job right enough.
We driv down France w’our caravan for 3 days till we were about 100 miles south o’Limoges.   Thas where them Limousine Cattle come from .  I see several on um  a grazing in the fields while we were a’drivin along.
Where we stayed there were several caves t’go und look at.   We went und hed a look at two um.   The fust one we ha’a get inta a boat with six other folk and a young fella on the back paddled us acroos this here underground lake afor we could git t’the caves und at the other one we went to we ha’a get onta a little old train which took us a good mile inta the hill afor we got orf und started a’lookin about.   I din’t say anything t’the Missus cos I dint want t’worry har but I were a’wondering how we were a’goin t’git out if the boat sunk or the train brok down??
Another place we went to were a goat farm where they meade cheese.  When we got there there wernt meny folk about und yu ha’a hev a look round yar self.   The fust shed we went into were where they kept the 400 milking goats.  That were like a gret old cattle shud split inta several pens w’goats in .
My heart when we got in there my old eyes started a’stingin cos o’the ammonia in the air.   I say t’the Missus they wan’t  git some fresh air inta here.   The goats looked happy enough a’eatin hay or lyin down chewing the cud.    They recon that yu could look through sum windas t’see the cheese a’bein meade und the goats a’bein milked.    The trouble was the windas were s’dirty all yu could see were shadows a’movin about.  The Missus could tell I went very impressed by the place cos she recon I kept a mutterin.    I did buy sum o’their cheese and that taste all right only the Missus keep a mobbin me t’finish it us cos that smell a’bit.
I’ll tell yu suffin we come acroos one arternoon when we were a’drivin up a little old country lane ,, we come round the corner und there were a shepherd a leading his flock of sheep along the rood with his dorg a comin along behind um.    I did manage t’git a photo but only arter the shepherd hed past the car.
Well them boys up a Carra Rood seem to hev stopped goals bein scored a’gin um….all they hev got t’du now is start a’scorin them at tuther end o’the pitch.   The trouble is them Tractor Boys keep a’winnin un all .   My Brother keep on about it when we see in.    I’ll tell yu suffin the Missus got him t’hold his row when she reminded him that Ipswich hev been in the same league for 16 years.   One o’our Boys say “Nice one Mum”
Yesterday(26th October)  when I were a’riddin my old bike along the footpath twix Caudle Springs und the Norridge Road I see somebody from County Hall hed put a notice up a’tellin folk that there were a Hornets Nest along side the path und to keep clear on it.     I recon if somebody from County Hall could come out und put three or four notices up thas a pity  they dint bring a scythe with um und cut some o’the nettles back.   Cos folk are likely t’git stung by the nettles afor they git stung by any hornets.
Fare ye well t’gither und du yu keep a’troshin.
The Boy Tom

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