November ramblings from the Boy Tom

Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether then?

I am a’writtin this on the day the clocks go back so that don’t matter what time I finish cos I’ll still git an extra hour in bed t’morrow.

Years ago when farmers were a milkin cows I knew one or two on um who din’t change the time they milked their cows.  So if they started  a milkin them at 5am duin the summer when them old clocks went back they started a’milkin them at 4am until the clocks changed agen in the spring: Then they went back to a 5am start.   I remember a farmer din’t keep to a fixed time und he got leater und leater a startin in the mornin, du yu know what he did t’put that right…….he missed a milkin out!!

Them old cows like a regular routine.   If durin the summer when they were out t’grass und yu allus got them f’milkin at 3 o’clock then when yu went t’git them they would be a’stantin at the field gate a’waitin for yu.   Thas the same when yu got them into the cowshed or milkin parlour, yu ha’a keep to the same routine cos that would make the old cow release har milk when yu started a’milkin on har. If yu started a’messin a’bout then they(them old cows) would dunt let yu hev any milk.

Since I last hed a’wud a’long with yu the Missus und I hev bin over the water a’gin.  Not with our caravan this time, we went und hed a look at that place with a lot o’water in har streets, Venice.    We ha’a fly there and as sum on yu know I don’t like a’flyin.    We ha’a have an early start cos our flight wus at 6am.       When we got t’the airport I thought we hed come to a refugee camp cos there were folk a’layin about a’sleep everywhere.    I say t’the Missus int anybody a’goin t’come und stir them up.   She told me t’hold my row coss she recon they were folk who hed cum in early for their flights…….I still recon they wanted movin…..if I hed my old sheep dog w’me I’d a’soon hed them rounded up.

We were a’flyin w’that Irish lot so we ha’a check ourselves in…then we ha’a walk though a great old shoppin place,  there were plenty o’folk a’sleep there und all.     When we got onta the plane we had a job t’understand what any of the crew were a’sayin cos they were all from across the water. Cos we were a’sittin in seats next t’the escape door over the wing  they cum und asked us if, in the event of an emergency, would we mind operatin the door so folk could git out, I say t’the Missus if we ha’a do that I know who’ll be fust out…….she din’t say anything thing…… she just gi me one o’har looks.     Still they got us there und back alright und we hed a good time in Venice .

They tell me that the Parish Council are a’thinkin about knockin down the village bus shelter cos the Police recon thats a place where there is a lot  o’any social behavour.    There are sum folk in the village who agree w’the Police und there are folk who recon the bus shelter should stay where that is.  That were paid for by the village’s WI ladies in 1970 und hev sheltered a rare lot o’folk und school children while that wait for the bus t’teak them t’ Watton.      If yu read this afore the end of November und want that bus shelter t’stay then write a letter the Clerk of the Parish Council by 13th November      I recon if they du knock it down that’ll just move the anti-social behavour sum where else in the Village

Them boys up at Carra Rood hev bin a’doin well leartly, they beat them Tractor Boys. I saw my Brother the followin week und du yu know he dint want t’talk about the match…..I wonder why!!!!   Then they went t’London did well against them Gunners.    One o’our Boys went und he recon they (Norwich) were a’playin agenst twelve players , Eleven from the Gunners und the Ref.

I ha just bin und hed a look at sum hosses a’ploughin.  They were a’warkin at a ploughin match bein held on one o’the young masters fields at the back o’the Hall.     Yu could see them a’warkin next to a 200HP Tractor.  There were sum good ploughmen there a’drawin sum rare straight furrows acroos the field.   I recon I hed better git out inta the garden now und do sum diggin: I’ll try and keep a staight furrow wi my old spade.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a troshin.

The Boy Tom

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