Carbrooke Heritage News

Our last presentation – The History of Agriculture – presented by Tom Thurston on 22nd September was very interesting, especially to those of us who haven’t been bought up in agricultural families, but was common knowledge to our rural ancestors.
Sadly it was not well supported, and disheartening for Tom, who had put a lot of work into it, we were only able to donate £5 to the Millenium Green. Thank you Tom.

17th November 7pm Carbrooke Village Hall – The History of Home Ownership

We will be hosting a presentation, and considering The History of home and land ownership, how and why we own or rent our own homes. These days many British people expect to own their homes, but this is a fairly recent state of affairs, most people would have rented in the past with no hope of owning them. In Carbrooke many homes would have been ‘tied cottages’ in that they were provided with the job, so if you lost your job, you lost your home. We hope to begin by thinking about British society from the times of Domesday, when very few people owned land at all, those who did, controlled vast swathes, and many of their tenants were little more than slaves.
We hope to trace how things have changed throughout our history.
Also considering the meanings of legal jargon which is found in historical documents, and which may help us with genealogical researches.

It looks set to be a fascinating talk, and we hope it will be well supported, it is a free event, but if money is raised via raffle or donations they will be given to our local organisations, trying to improve village life.
The Heritage Group, is not a fund raising group in itself, but attempts to help raise funds for the different village groups.

Next Meeting Thursday 26th October 7pm Carbrooke Village Hall.

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