Well how are yu all a’doin then?
Well they arnt a’goin t’du it!   I am a’talkin about the Parish Council a’knockin down the old bus shelter.
The Parish Council held their November meeting in the Church where that were talked about.  There were a rare lot of Village Folk there un all.   I recon the old Vica would like t’hev that many folk in the Church for  a Sunday Service.    I drawed down t’hev a look un all.    The Police were there und they recon that knockin the Bus Shelter down were the last thing they wanted done.     A’lot o’folk there stood up und hed their say.    Some on um spoke about their children a’waiting in the shelter t’get the School Bus t’Watton.   Other folk were a’talkin about gettin the youngsters in the Village involved in a’helpin on the Millennium Green. The Head Lady at the Village School hed a word or two.  Another Lady spoke about them WI members who worked hard t’raise the money t’build the bus shelter in the fust place.  Arter all this the  Council Members hed a vote und  most on um voted against the shelter bein knocked down.  
I recon that the Council listened to what folk hed t’say.  Perhaps the Almighty hed an effect as they were meetin in his house? less hope sum o’them ideas spoke about in the Church cum to suffin.
I went t’Carra Rood with one o’our boys last Saturday (18th Nov) t’see them Canaries play Barnsley.   Well Bor I don’t know why I went… if I had’a paid for mi ticket I would want me money back cos that wernt much of a game.   Them Norwich boys din’t hev any go in um.    They were a’walkin about und when they did pass the ball that were nearly allus acroos the field or backust.  What they wanted were an old sheep dog a gettin behind them and a nippin  their heels.    I’ll tell yu suffin: the old pitch looked in good condition  wi’a tidy crop o’grass on it.    I say t’my boy what they want durin the week is get a few sheep on there t’graze it orf.   My Boy, who’s 6ft 4ins tall, giv me a look just like the one his Mother gi me some times.   
We seem t’be set t’hev a few sharp frorsts this week.  That ull get them last few leaves down orf orf the trees.   I recon that ull mean winter hev started.   I hev been a’collectin the leaves und puttin them inta a couple o’gret old sacks .    This time next year that’ll be sum nice compost that I can put on the garden.    As I keep a few old hins this cold weather ull means them old Rats will be a sniffin round t’see if they can find anything t’eat.   I hev caught five on um already this month so I recon there could be a few more.    As I said once a’for the Almighty were supposed t’put all creatures on this planet for a reason.  When I get t’meet him I’ll be a’askin him why he giv us rats….if I can I’ll let you know what he say.  
There were a good turn out of folk for the Remembrance Service earlier this month at the Church.    When somebody were a readin the names of the boys from our Parish who fell  I were a’thinkin that  we hev got a lot t’thank them boys  for .     That were good to see a young Air Cadet there a putting a poppy on the memorial cos thas suffin important that we never forget.    We were a’standin in the road for the two minutes silence un there were one or two cars a stoppin rather than try t’drive through us.  At night they hed put out a gret old light a lightin up the tower with a silhouette  of a soldier on it. Old mother nature din’t help by a blowin a gale which tried t’topple the soldier over.

Photo: Tracey Everett

Well we’ll soon be at the turn o’the year und folk will be a wonderin what 2018  hold for us all.     One thing I recon we’ll be hearin about und thas BREXIT. They recon we already half way along to the date when we are spus  t”leave the EU.  Them up at Whitehall han’t made a lot of progress yet so they’ll ha a git a’goin arter Christmas or that’ll never be sorted out in time… I recon they could du with an old sheep dog behind them un all.
As this is the last time I’ll be havin a wud along with yu afore Christmas the Missus join me in wishin yu all a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.
The Boy Tom