Well How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
A’time yu are a’readin this that’ll all be over.   Thas Christmas und the New Year I’m a’talkin about.   When we recon it all up we will hev spent to much money und ate to much food
Afore Christmas the Missus und I went on a couple o’trips.   Fust of all we went to London t’see the lights in Key Gardens.   We din’t go on our own cos thas a rum a’drivin about London anytime so the Missus she got sum tickets orf a coach company that were a goin there.   Cos we were a’goin t’see the lights they picked us up at Thetford a little arter midday.   We und another group o’Mawthers were the last t’git on.   I like a riddin on a coach cos you can gawp about  while somebody else du the drivin.   We stopped near Baldock so we could git a bite t’eat und the they driv us t’Windsor so we could hev a look round there afore we went onto Key.   When we were a comin orf the M25 onta the M4 the driver meade a mistake.   I say t’the Missus that we were a goin t’Heathrow not Windsor.   She told me t’hold me row cos the driver knew what he were a’doin.    That tunned out I were right cos we got nearly up t’the runway when he ha’a tun the old bus around.  The Driver recon he were sorry und that he’ed soon hev us back on the right road.
When we got out o’the coach at Windsor, My heart that din’t harf rain und the old wind got up un all.   That tunned the Missus’s umbrella inside out twice, I hed on o’them great old golf umbrellas:   I ha’a hang onta that with both hand du I recon I would hev taken orf und ended up back at Heathrow.
Arter that we got t’Key Grardens on time und hed a walk round t’look at the lights and laser displays.    They hed meade a rare job on it und that were worth the trip.   I’ll tell yu suffin, when we got inta our car at Thetford t’drive home that din’t half snow.   By the time we got home that were a’layin but that hed all gone by the mornin.
The tuther outin we hed were nearer home, we drawed along t’Thursford t’see the show there.    We ha bin there several times durin the last 40 odd years und they allus put on a good do.   I recon that thas a rummin that yu are a’watchin suffin like that a’sittin in an old cattle shed in the middle o’Norfolk.  That must be good cos There were folk there from all over the Country.
There were a couple of Christmas does in the village un all. There were the Bazar in the Village hall und Church  und then there were a evenin in the Church where a couple entertained us wi folk songs und Carols.  There were both good does but thas a pity there wernt a few more village folk there supporting all the hard work others hed put in.
I he bin t’see Norwich City agin, that were when they played Brentford the Friday afore Christmas.  That wern’t as bad as when they played Barnsley but they still lorst.   I know they recon that they hed one or two o’there players out cos they were injured.     I git suffin savige when I see them players a’rollin about when they fall over arter a tackle:   At least , at the Brentford game, the ref could see they were acting und he booked a couple on um.     I wonder how they would carry on if they hed got knicked by an old cow or had an old Ram butt inta them.   I seem t’remember when it happened t’me I just cussed a bit und got on with what ever I were a doin.   My Boss would hev recconned that he hed employed the wrong man if I were t’start a rollin about like some o’them footballers du. 
There aint much to do in the old garden at the moment.  I am just keepin an eye on the tender plants in the Green House t’meake sure old Jack Frorst don’t git in there.   They recon them old nights will start a’drawin out agin but I recon that’ll be a day or two afore I can git out there arter m’tea.    In the mean time the Missus ha got a list o’little jobs she want me t’du so I had better stop this und git started cos if I don’t I’ll still be a doing har little jobs when I want t’be a’gettin outside.
Fare ye well t’gether und a Happy New Year! Du yu keep a’troshin in 2018!
The Boy Tom.