Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

My heart we are a havin sum rum old weather. When yu draw outa bed in the mornin und open them curtains yu can see old Jack Frorst hev bin. That caught them who du the road grittin tuther mornin. They recon they were told that the old thermometer wernt a’goin t’drop below +1c so they din’t bother t’git the gritters out. Well bor the police recon there were over 30 car accidents afor 9 0 clock next mornin. Most on um caused by cars a’skiddin on ice. I know the Council recon they hev gotta save money but I when thas only 1 degree above freezin I recon thas to cloos cos that don’t mean thas the same temp. in Yarmouth as that is in Kings Lynn or Norridge. At the place where I warked a-for I retired I were in charge o’grittin the roads und footpaths. I’ll tell yu suffin if that forecast a frorst I got the gritter a’goin cos there were over a 1000 folk on the site und if one on um slipped over und hurt themselves I knew who would git the blame.

We hev hed a rare lot o’rain und all, That hev made the gardon suffin dawby when you ha walk on it. The Missus she git suffin savige if I drag any mud inta the house. She meake me leave my garden shoes in the shud afore she’ll let me back indoors.

I see they hev trockolated up the old village sign und hoss plough what stand a’front o’the village hall. That wanted a’doin cos they were both a’gettin a bit green. The Missus und I went for a’walk on the Millennium Green tuther day und we see that they hev built a new play area for the little ones t’play on. Less hope that git used. They tell that one o’the farmers at the tuther end o’the village want t’build sum houses und put in a footpath for folk t’use t’git t’the centre of the village so they can use the shop und catch a bus. I recon if he hed a look in the centre o’the village he’ed see we hant hed a shop or bus there for several years.

They hev got the old road closed at Watton Green cos they are a’widening the junction. Thas on account of there are a’goin t’be a rare lot o’houses built und thas where them folk are a’goin t’drive out onta the Norridge road.

I stopped there tuther day while I were out on my old bike t’hev a gawp but that were all fenced orf , all I could see was that they were a’cuttin back the verges t’meake the road wider. I thought about askin one of the warkers if they were a’goin t’put in a cycle lane but I dussant. Thas goin t’teake until fust week o’March afor that’ll be finished. That’ll mean all the little roads round by Watton Church und through t’Ovington are a gettin cut where traffic try t’pass. I wonder how long that’ll be a’for somebody drive onta the verge or inta a ditch und git stuck?

Them boys up a Carra Rooad are hevin a busy time. I see um a playin Chelsea on the TV tuther night. They give a good account’ themselves although they recon they were a’goin t’be tired for the next game on the Saturday cos they would hev only 2 days t’recover. When I were a playin (with a leather football) in the Norfolk und Suffolk league on a Saturday I ha’a still go inta wark on the Sunday t’look arter the stock. That were no good me a tellin the boss I were to tired.

They only got just over 12 months t’git this here BREXIT sorted out but nobody seem t’be a doin anything. Here we are (last week January) und they don’t seem t’hev hed any meetings since Christmas. When they du meet thas only for 3 days cos they ha hev Monday und Friday t’travel there und back. They wanta wark in the real world. One o’our Son’s go t’Switzerland for meetings some times und he go there hev the meeting und cum back all in the same day. So why can’t them BREXIT folk du the same?

Them old evening are a drawing out und I’ll soon be able t’du a bit on the garden (when that dry out) arter tea. In the mean time:

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.

The Boy Tom