Well How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Thas suffin cold this week (26th Feb) they recon that there Beast from the East is a goin t’pay us a visit. Well I hope that hurry up und git here und then go agin.

I’ll tell yu suffin what like this here weather, thas Husky Dorgs. They were a’racin in Thetford Forest tuther week-end und I drawed along und hed a look at um. There were a rear lot on um there. They were a racin round a trail through the forest. They set orf one arter the other und were timed round the trail. The winner was the one who got round the quickest. They start a’racin fairly early in the mornin (8.30am) so they don’t ha’a run durin the heat o’the day. There were different races depending on how many dogs are a’pullin the sledge. Cos there wern’t any snow they were a pullin a 3 wheeled pram thing where the driver or Musher as they are called stand. Them dogs are suffin fit und they were a’gettin suffin excited when they were a’waiting t’start.
The last race were for young dogs they were a’trainin. The Musher were on a bike w’one husky on a lead a’runnin beside him. I say the Missus when I got home that I could do with a dog like that t’pull me round on my old bike every morning when I go und git me peaper. She din’t say anything…….she just gi’me one of har looks.

I see in th peaper and on the TV that the Farmers hev elected a Mawther t’be their new (NFU) leader. Good luck to har I recon she hev got suffin t’git har teeth into cos she’ll ha’a try und talk t’them up at Whitehall who are dealin with BREXIT. I recon that ull take sum doin t’knock sum sense into sum on um. They want t’be a gettin on with it cos thas only a year until thats all spus t’happen. If that mean that our farmers ha’gotta be growin more of suffin cos that aint a’goin t’be a’cummin over the water they want t’be a’knowin about it cos most crops teake ni on a year from sowin t’harvest. That
teak a’lot longer than that t’git a calf t’grow inta a cow und produce a’drop o’milk.

Them old pot holes in the roads are gettin suffin bad. Theres a master one up Summer Lane. Folk hev told them up a County Hall about it but they recon the pot hole don’t meet their criteria t’be filled in……I recon that would git filled in suffin quick if some folk from County Hall ha’a drive down Summer Lane every day like a lot o’folk do t’teak their younguns t’school.

Thas the same with them folk who repair the telephone wires. The Missus und I are a’havin a master job t’git anybody out cos we are heven a lot o’trouble with our internet connection. Last week them engineers made 4 appointments t’come und see us: We hev waited in und nobody turn up. I hev hed a rare go um on the the phone. That aint BT’s fault thas that other company who they git to repair the fault und who you cant talk to. One on um did ring up t’say he were runnin late . We told him we could not wait in any longer und could be come back t’see us. He recon he could’t cos his next appointment were in Lowestoft!!!!!

Talkin of Lowestoft, them old Tractor Boys still cant beat them Canaries, even arter 10 years o’tryin. As I told my Brother(who support the Tractor Boys) we left it a bit Klose this time.

Thas to cold und wet t’git onta the garden at the moment but I hev sown my Sweet Peas inta some long pots und put them inta the green house t’chit. I hev got one o’them heated sand trays und I hev stood them onta that just t’git them started. I am a’goin t’start some wild flower seeds the same way und then plant them inta the garden when that git warmer. As I git older I hev told the Missus that the conservation area is a’goin t’git nearer to the back door. She recon she don’t mind as long as I leave some where for har to hang the washin out und keep a’growin a few sweet peas for har t’cut.

Well I hed better close now und meake sure we are ready for the Beast from the East.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.