How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Well that old Beast from the East hev bin un gone agin. That certainly did a good job a holdin folk up when they were a’tryin t’git about. There were folk on the TV und Wireless u’tellin us all that were a commin und not t’travel unless yu rearly hed to. But some folk dint listen und went out und got stuck und then other folk ha’a turn out t’rescue them.

Them boys on them grittin lorries were a workin all the time. But when that hed snowed they wernt allowed t’use the snow ploughs on the front o’their lorries unless there were two on um a riddin in the cab. I dont know what difference that were supposed the meake. Was the second man supposed t’git out und walk a’front of the lorry t’see how deep the snow was? What about them farmers who sent their tractors out t’clear the roads und help pull folk’s cars und lorries outa snow drifts, I don’t recall a’seein two on um a ridin in the tractor cab. Thas true what folk were a sayin: there were plenty o’thanks for the farmers when they were a’clearin the snow but that’ll be forgotten when they get held up by a tractor und trailer when they are a’drivin about durin the Summer.

The Missus und I din’t go far durin the snow. I were able t’walk up the footpath t’the garage every day t’git my old pearper. That old wind were suffin cold. A’time I got home my old cheeks were as numb as if I hed bin t’the Dentists t’hev sum fillins done.
Once that old snow hed gone yu could see, und feel, the damage the old salt hev done to the roads. When I were a’riddin my old bike the other day between Watton Green und Caudle Springs I counted 26 pot holes in the road that’ll want fillin in. I went for a walk up to the Water Works tuther day und see along the road tuther side of the bridge on the Ovington road that the verge hev fell away inta the ditch that run a’side the road. If a car or lorry drive near the road edge there thas a’goin the give way und the car/lorry/tractor is a goin t’end up in the ditch.

Hev any of yu a’driven up through Watton Green und seen what they hev done with the new road lay-out up onto the Norwich Road. My Heart, thas hard enough t’git round on my old bike. That ount be long afore a lorry turn down there und run over the sorft ground behind the kerbs und git stuck.
While that road were closed they delivered a mobile home,all the way from Cumbria, to that site up at Red Hill park twix Watton Church und Watton Green. Du yu know what they did: Cos they could not unload it at Watton Green they unloaded it in the village near the School und then dragged it up Drury Lane where sum tree branches hed sum o’the roof orf und they only missed knockin my front fence by a few inches. I dont know how they are a’goin t’git on a tryin t’git one of them homes round the new corners at Watton Green?

Them old Farmers are a’gettin on with their spring work cos the old land is a warmin up a bit. They hev got sugar beet seed t’drill, potatoes t’plant und over wintered crops are a’goin t’want a drop o’fertilizer t’get them a’growin.
The old birds are a’startin t’look for nest sites. We hev an old Cock Pheasant who cum in our garden with sum hen pheasants every day t’pick at sum feed that drop orf the old bird table. He hev bin a’showin sum colour und hev started a’traydin’ (courtin) with his hens.
Sum on yar know I like a’gettin out w’my old camera. This spring I hev bin a lookin t’photograph sum old Hares. I hev bin a’drivin around a’lookin on the fields o’winter wheat or barley cos thas where they get at this time o’year. I hev found sum, not in Carbrooke, und hev started a drivin there und sittin in my car und photographing them outa the window. Cos I hev been there several times them old hares hev got used to the car and hev started t’git closer every day. This mornin (23rd March) I counted 10 on um a’runnin about in the field.

Them old clocks change next Sunday(25th March) so that mean I’ll be able t’start a’drawin out inta the garden arter I’v hed my tea. As always there’ll be plenty t’git on with.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin

The Boy Tom