Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
I know that Spring is supposed t’be nearly over but han’t that bin a rummun one?  Arter the “Beast of the east” hed left us we hed another one cum along und then we hed a wet und cold Easter.  Last week we hed weather that were as good as many Summer days.   Now I am a writtin (Sat. 28th) this cos thas a’rainin und the garden is to wet und dawby to get on.   They recon that the farm wark is about 3 weeks behind.   That don’t sound much but come harvest time that could be the difference between a makin or losing  money on the crop.
A little arter Easter we hed our two Grandsons to stay for a couple o’nights. We took them up to Holkham Park for the day as there’s plenty there to keep them entertained.   One thing we went t’see was the Field to Plate interactive display.   That is suffin t’go und see cos that show folk how their food is grown and   there’s a lot for the little ones t’do.   One of our Grandsons got dressed up as a Game Keeper.     One o’the things the boys liked was the tractor driving simulator.   That were a modern tractor cab with all the hands controls und instead of the front window there were a screen which showed the tractor a goin acroos a field ore travelling along a road.    You ha’a steer the tractor und you could meake it go faster or slower.   The man in charge recon that they use suffin similar to train real tractor drivers on.   When you look at all the leavers und buttons around the cab that int such a daft idea as that sound. Thas better to meake a mistake on a simulator rather than on a real field or road where you could hev an accident und somebody could git hurt.
Yu know how I were a’tellin  yu last month how many pot holes there were in the road twix Watton Green und Caudle Springs well I can tell yu that they hev been filled in.    That seem a rummin that they hev done them when there are still pot holes on the main Norwich Road outa Watton that hant been seen too.
Some on yu may hev seen that there hev bin a group of folk who hev bin a goin round the Village a’pickin up litter that folk hev thrown outa they car windows.  We hev gotta be grateful there are folk in the village who are prepared to turn out in their free time und do this.
 Why do folk  hull litter about the country side, why cant they take it home und put it in their own refuse bins?    Some folk recon that them fast food places are to blame.  Well when the Missus und I hev bin on holiday over the water yu don’t see any litter along their roads  near their fast food places.  


 I recon them at the Council arn’t a helpin by chargin folk t’teak stuff to their local refuse collection point und them who recon they know about recyclin    recon thats a job to re-cycle everything.   Well I’ll tell yu suffin: Afore I retired  I warked at a place that were inta recyclin. I hed suffin t’do with the Waste Management Unit there und we managed to recycle 80% of the firm’s waste und that included food waste un-all which were turned into compost, so that can be done.   I remember a’tellin an expert at one o’them recyclin roadshows about it.  Arter I hed finished she recon that her Council had different parameters (What ever they were) to the ones I were a’warkin to!!!!!
Well I hev just hed a gawp outa the window und I recon that that hev stopped rainin so I might draw outside. Thas afor the Missus find me a “little” inside job to do,  I recon I can find suffin t’do in my greenhouse.
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.
The Boy Tom