Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Last time I hed a wud along with yu I started by a’talki.n about the weather…well I recon I’ll ha’a do the same this time. Thas alright if yu are on holiday but that aint su good if yu are a waitin for rain like most farmers are. Tha bin alright if yu are a’makin hay but that aint su good if yu keep livestock or are a’growin sugar beet. These a crop o’beet at the top o’Gilmans Drift( Muddy Lane) that I hev a look at every day when I crowd past on my bike. My heart the old sugar beet leaves are wiltin and a’touchin the ground. I know the farmer who hev the field hant got any irrigation although he hed sheep a’grazin a catch crop last Autumn so they put a bit o’heart back inta the soil when that were ploughed afore the beet were drilled. (For those who dont know where Gilmans Drift is it is the footpath running between the Norwich Road ,opposite the Watton Green turning and the old Griston Road ).

If Farmers are a’keepin pigs outside they ha’a keep a close eye on them cos pigs only hev little sweat glands and they can get sun burned. Thas why you see on them outdoor pens big troughs of water that the pigs can get in and cool down. they then go und lie in sum mud which sticks to the skin und protects it agin the sun The pigs also keep in the shelters t’keep out of the sun.
They tell me that the corn harvest ha started in some parts of the country. That ount be long a startin round here, the trouble is the farmers want sum rain t’swell the grains in the ears of corn. If they dont git some there be sum low yields about, the only good thing about that is that will increase the price the farmers git when they cum t’sell.

That weather were just what the organisers wanted for the Royal Norfolk Show last week. There were blue skies on both day but there were a nice sea breeze t’keep the heat down for both man and beast. I were there a’helpin on the Rare Breed stand. We hev a nice crowd of folk t’see us. That were good t’see s’many youngsters in school parties. We hed a Story Teller on the stand a tellin a story in-front of a Shepherds Hut, there were a good crowd of youngsters a listening to him every time he come on.

I’ll tell yu suffun I see at the show. That were on one o’them machinery stands where they were a’showin some 1970s farm equipment a’gin t’day models. Well there were this 1970s combine with a 10ft wide cutter bar standin in front of a 2018 model with a 40ft cutter bar. The trouble is I can remember a drivin the 1970s model und we thought that were big machine then.

I hope that sum on yer went to the Village Fete und Flower Festival in the village last week-end (30th June-1st July) The Missus und I drawed down t’hev a look. There were a rare crowd o’folk on the Millennium Green and in the Village Hall where there were a lot of different stalls. The Church hed been trimmed out w’flowers. Each flower arrangement hed a story t’tell about the Teddy Bear a’sittin along side. I recon there were over a couple o’dozen on um. I asked the Missus what flower arrangement she would put a’side me t’tell a story………….She din’t say anything….. she just gi me one of har looks.

Since I last hed a wud with yu the Missus und I hev bin over the water with out caravan. We din’t go s’far this year, just down t’the Loire. While we were there we went und hed a look round one o’them Chateau places. That wernt a very big one. How-sum-ever we parked outside the gate where there were a sign t’say that were open. We were heven a look round the garden when this women come arter us a drivin a golf buggy. She wanted t’know if we wanted t’look round the house. She told us which door t’go to und she come und took our money und recon har Husband would come und show us round. That turned that she owned the place. Har Husband dint speak a’lot of english but that were a good visit until he took us out onta a balcany und showed us a bridge over the river which he reckoned had been blown up durin WW 2 by the British. I asked him if the Germans had occupied the house durin the war. He recon they had but he dint want t’talk about it.

We see another Chateau that were for sale. The Missus looked up about it…they only wanted thirty million dollars for it. They recon the man who were sellin it hed spent close to one hundred million dollars a’duin it up so he were a’goin t’lose a bit o’money on the deal.

The Football world cup is still a’goin on und England are still in it. That seem a long while ago when I watched Bobby Moore lift the trophy. Thas good see the England Manager is a’givin sum youngsters a go. I get suffin savige when I see them a’pushin each other about when there’s a free kick or a corner. They look as if they are a’tryin t’play rugby although in rugby if yu tried that the ref would soon send yu orf.

Well the heat o’the day has gone so I suppose I get better draw out inta the garden. I know the grass don’t need cuttin but the weeds keep a’growin.

Fare ye well t’getter und du yu keep a’troshin.

The Boy Tom