Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Well that were over suffin quick. Thas the old corn harvest I am a’talkin about. Sum on um on the rearly light land recon they hev never finished harvest by the end of July afor. Around the village I see the Young Master up at the Hall hev cut his Winter Barley und Oil Seed Rape but they hant started cuttin the Winter Wheat yet (July 31st) .
We hev hed rum rain at last. I’m suffin pleased thet hev rained cos that mean my old water butts are full agin. As I hev said afor the Missus like t’use rain water on har indoor plants rather than tap water, so that rain hev put har in better fettle.

A lot o’folk are a talkin about the dry summer we hed in 1976 that were dry like this but I don’t think that were qiute sar hot? Do yu now last week my old weather station recon that were 36c down at the bottom o’my garden. That hev bin s’hot that I ha’a start wearing short trousers. I din’t like a’doin on it cos the Missus recon I could’t wear my old braces with um. So I drawed my old belt in suffin tight und allus hed a bit o’string in me pocket just in case.

If I hed any jobs t’du in the garden I meade sure I got them done early afore that old sun got a’goin. I hev bin a’waterin plants in containers but there were a lot o’shrubs planted in the garden that were a’hanging their heads. As I said to the Missus yu can’t start a’waterin them cos they’ll git to expect it und stop a’puttin their old roots down inta the earth t’git their own water.

Still we han’t had it as bad as folk in other parts o’the world that hev lost everything in the bush fires. I know there hev bin sum stubble fires here where farmers hev lost some standin corn and in one or two cases t’combine un all. That int as bad as 1976 cos farmers were allowed to burn the straw in the fields then rather than bale it up. That hev all changed how cos straw is sold for animal bedding und some go to be used as fuel for power stations. I know these one o’them just over the border at Eye in Suffolk. I recon amimal feed is a’goin t’be expensive this winter cos farmers are a’havin t/feed their animals on their winter feed already cos there aint any grass.

At the beginin of the month the Missus un I hed our annual day trip on the Broads with our Daughter und Son-in-Law. We hed a good day, that wernt to hot und we went from Horning t’Wroxham und then up t’Coltishall. That were a lot quieter that way cos a lot o’them big boats can’t git under Wroxham bridge. Our Daughter und Son-in-Law brought their doog wi’them this year. He’s one of these Labra-dootles. My Heart he’s suffin big und only about a year old. As well as us He ha’a wear a life jacket. Once he settled down he sat und watched the world go by. I’ll tell yu suffin though he nearly hed a set too with a Swan. Yu know how they swim up to the boat t’see if yu hev got any bread for them. Well the dorg wernt a’hevin any o’that. He stuck his head outa the boat und barked in the old swan’s face. Well bor I thought the old swan was a’goin t’cum inta the boat… he started hissin und rufflin his old feathers. In the end the dog backed down und we give the old Swan a few biscuits.
When we got back t’where we hired the boat there were another one a’tying up afore us. We head them a’tellin the boat owner that they han’t bin able t’stop all day cos they could’t git the boat near enough to the bank t’tie up. Thas a good job their boat hed a toilet du they might hev bin in a muddle.

I see there hev bin another British winner of that cycle race in France. I recon the French are a’gettin a bit fed up w’us a goin over there cos I think somebody from this country hev won the last six or seven years. Still that could all change soon with BREXIT!!
I notice that them cyclists wear suffin tight riding clothes. I say t’the Missus do yu recon I could crowd my old bike along as quick as they du if dressed up like that….she din’t say anything…….she just gimi one o’har looks.

The old Football season kick orf soon. I see Noorwich hev sold sum o’their players for a tidy sum und bought sum new ones. I am a’goin the see the fust home game. My Son-in-Law is a’takin me cos he support the team Noorwich are a’playin. I told him I wern’t a’goin t’sit with his supporters so we are a’sittin in the same stand as them but with the Noorwich supporters.

They hev bin a’grittin some o’the roads in the village. But they han’t dun them all .They seem t’do a bit und then miss a bit out und then start a’gin. They hev done the middle of the village, up the Shipdham Road und along Broadmoor. Then they missed the rest of the village out und started a’gin down the Ovington Road. They ha’a move their equipment from one place t’the next so why could’t they just grit it as well? I suppose if I asked them up a County Hall there would be somebody who would gi’me an answer. Cos wether I would understand what they were a’talkin about is another matter!!!

Fare ye well t’gither ind du yu keep a’troshin.

The Boy Tom