Well thas another month gone und we are a’turnin the corner inta Autumn.  Mind yu arter the weather we hev hed so far this year thas bin suffin hard t’know when one season end und another begin.
I’ll tell yu suffin I see at the beginin o’the month that made me think suffin funny were a’goin on.    That were at the Wayland Show und there I see sum pink sheep.    I had drawed down there t’help on the Rare Breed Stand. They hed got t’gither all the Norfolk Rare Breed in a tent for folk t’cum und look at.  There were  sheep,  Turkeys,  Hins und  Ducks.   They even hid a Norwich Canary there in a cage although he wernt in very good fettle cos he were on the moult.   We were a’sharin the tent with Swaffham Young Farmers who hed got a pen o’four fat sheep und a pen o’four fat cattle.  Folk ha’a have a go und judge them in order of which they thought were the best down to the wust in each pen.   They  hed numbers sprayed onta them so folk could sort them out.   The Young Farmers hed had a master judge cum and judge the cattle.    then they cum over und asked three on us a helpin with the  rare breeds if we would be the master judges for the sheep.   Well t’judge sheep yu ha’a git in the pen und handle  um t’see how fat they are und if they are fit to go to slaughter.  The three on us decided to judge them on our own und then see how near we were t’each……..du yu know we all hed them in the same order.

Arter we hed bin there sum while the head lady who look arter the sheep at the show cum und asked me if I could go und hev a look at the pink sheep they hed got there.    Sum o’the ladies who were a showin sheep hed started hevin a pink sheep class for Ladies v Cancer at other shows durin the summer und Wayland hed agreed to run a class at their show. To help the charity folk who were a watchin were asked t’put sum money inta a bucket.  

Well boy the sheep und their handlers looked a job.  The sheep hed bin sprayed pink usin hair dye und some of the ladies wore pink coats and one or two hed dyed their hair pink un all.   There were about 20 sheep entered und the lady who judged them were a goin the cycle from London t’Paris for the charity.They recon that were a success und are a’talkin about hevin a Blue class at next years Wayland show for Men v Cancer. So that’ll be suffin t’look forward to.  I went home und told the Missus about it und recon I would spray my hair blue for it……. The Missus din’t say anything…..she just me one o’har looks und recon that would be a job cos I hant got enough hair t’dye.

I told yu last month that I were a’goin the Carra Road with my Son-in-Law t’see Norwich play their fust home game agin West Brom.   As he is a West Brom supporter he hed got tickets right agin the away supporters.   As you may know Norwich lost 4-3.   Some of them Norwich players played as if they were on the moult like the Canary we hed at the Wayland Show.Thas the big one this week-end against the Tractor Boys.   Les hope them Canaries are a singing by Monday morning cos if they arnt my Brother will be!!!

I don’t know if any of yu hev noticed them 2 new information boards that hev bin put up round the village.   One is near the Millennium Green entrance und tuther one is on the Norwich Road near the Aerolite garage.  The boards show a pictorial history of the village.  The Heritage Group in the Village hev got them done with the same man who painted the one thas at the entrance to the Church.    If you han’t seen them go und hev a look. 
I recon that by the time I hev a wud along with yu agin the farmers will  be inta harvesting their Sugar beet although they wount be in any hurry cos they’ll want t keep the beet in the ground as long as possible because the dry weather we hev bin a havin mean they have still got a bit o’weight t’put on.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.