Them old clocks changed last week und that hev got me all of a muckwash. Tuther years an extra hour in bed hev bin just what the doctor ordered but this year I han’t bin able t’lay that extra hour.   The Missus recon thas suffin t’du w’me age!!  I say t’har “I thought when yu got older yu like t’lay late” I told har how I recon my body ha gone inta reverse und that think I am gittin younger tha why I want t’git up earlier.  She din’t say anything………she just gi me one o’har looks.
At the end of last month I went t’the Gressenhall Rural Museum tuther side o’Dereham.   They were a’havin Horse Power day.   Well boy they hed got some o’them  a warkin.   There were two Suffolk’s  a’pullin a plough while there were another pullin a load of timber about.   I’ll tell yu suffin I han’t seen a’for und that were a Hoss a’drivin a Turnip Shredder.   The Hoss were yoked up to the end of a long bar thas fixed to a gearbox.   When the Hoss worked round in a circle a’pullin the end o’the bar behind it that turned the drive in the gearbox und that driv the Turnip Shredder.   There were two fella’s a’cuttin through a tree trunk with a great old cross cut saw.  They used t’do this w’one of the men a standin in a pit below the wood bein cut but they were a’doin it w’one on a’standin on top of the log which hed bin fixed about 10 feet up in the air.   That still looked hard work.
I’ll tell yu suffin else the Missus und I hev done since I last hed a wud along with yu….. we hev bin und seen the stage play version o’War Horse.   My heart that were suffin t’behold.    Arter about ten minutes yu forgot that the hoss were bein operated by 3 fellas, two on um were inside the hoss and one holdin the head.   They got the old hoss a’walkin und pawing the ground und moving the tail but the fella a moving the head were also a movin the ears und a’meakin all the right hoss noises.    That last 2 hours with a break in the middle.   The seconded half really made yu sit up in yar seat.   That were all about the Fust World War in France und what them fellas und Hosses ha a go through.  My heart they used all the flashes und bangs to meak it so real.    When that were over that hed shook the Missus und I up so much we ha’a sit there for a while a’for we could git our selves t’gether und leave the Theatre, I recon we were the last ones out.That were a good reminder that we should never forgit them und what they fought und died for.
I see they are a’gettin on with a tricolatin up the old Village Hall. I am told that they are replacin the toilets und kitchen.    That wanted a’doin, there are sum on us who were involved when they were last don up ni on 40 year ago.Well they hev started a’cartin them old Sugar Beet t’the factories.   They were a warkin across the road tuther day und I drawed acroos t’hev a look.   That were a great old machine a’liftin 6 rows at a time.   They recon that can lift 30 acres a day.    That seem a long while ago when a single row harvester were a liftin an acre a day und thas even longer ago that one man a “Knockin und Toppin” by hand could do an acre a week.
 Them boys up at Carra Rood are a playin well at the moment.   They recon they hev got a good team spirit that is keepin them a’goin.    I see the Tractor Boys over the border are a’tryin t’get that team spirit by employin Mr Lambert.   I know he did well at Norwich but as he said that were 7 year ago und there hev bin a’lot o’water under the bridge since then.
Old Mother Nature is a’holdin me up in the garden.   The Missus hev got bulbs she wanta get inta har pots but they hev still got bedin plants in und they are still a’flowin.   As I keep a’tellin har yu’ll ha’a wait until we git a frost or two cos that’ll soon trim them old beddin plants up.    I hev emptied my two year old compost bin.  That were a drop o’good stuff und I hev spread round m’shrubs und roses . That’ll rot down sum more over t’winter.    Them old leaves hev a’started fallin so I hev bin a’gatherin them up inta one o’them one tonne sacks  so they can rot down.  Most years I can gather up enough leaves t’fill two on um.
Earlier we hed some fella come to the Church t’talk to us about farmin Yesterday und Today.    On Friday 9th November there is somebody from the Commonwealth Graves Commission comin t’talk to us.   Thas in the Church und start at 7pm.That’ll be good t’see a a tidy number of folk there cos as I said earlier them  from the village sacrificed their lives for our freedum.  Also the Ladies in the village hev bin busy knitting/crochet poppies which will be hung down from the Church Tower for November 11th. 
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.
The Boy Tom