How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Well thas another year dun un dusted and a new un t’look forward to.   There are them who hev bin a runnin on about what year 2019 ull be like.    Well how d’they know?  I’ll tell yu suffin I din’t hear any on um a’sayin that there would be roses a’flowerin in January!!!  Cos I got sum a’flowerin in my garden.They hed a rare good Christmas Bazaar in the Church afore Christmas, the Missus und I drawed down und hed a look.   We wum a bottle o’drink on the raffle und the Missus come home wi sum slippers that looked like a couple o’rabbits on har feet.   I tell her not t’go out inta the garden with um on if I’m out there w’my old 12 bore cos I might let fly at um…..She din’t say anything……she just gi me one o’har looks.

They hed nearly finished a tricolatin up the old village hall afore Christmas und they recon that were a’goin t’be open on New Years Eve.  As I hev said a’for thas good t’see some new folk gettin involved just like a’group on us did ni on 45 year ago when we see new toilets were put in, so that were time they were changed.

Yu know how I keep a tellin on ya how I ride my old bike up to the main road every day t’git my old EDP newspeaper ,well when I went in t’git it afore the New Year they told me that hed gone up to £1.   That may not sound much but the trouble is I can remember when that cost 3d in old money.     I know that don’t du yu any good a keep lookin back so I’ll tell yu suffin I hev got thas up t’date.   I hev got one o’them apps on my phone (my Son-in Law put it on for me un showed me how that wark) How-sum-ever when I start out on my old bike every mornin I set that a’goin und while I am a’crowdin my old bike along that keep a’tellin me how far I hev gone und what speed I am agoin. That talk to me while I am a’goin along und I git some funny looks from folk as I pass them w’this women’s voice a talkin about speed und distance travelled.     When I git home und look at m’phone that hev even drawn a map of where I hev bin a’ridin.     That’ll even work in the garden while I am a’walkin about out there. 

One thing that han’t gone away is BREXIT.  In another 3 months we’ll know wether we are a’goin t’be in or out or wether the BREXIT is a’goin t’be a hard one or a soft one.   I were a watchin the news tuther night und they recon that in case there are going t’be hold ups on goods a’comin acroos the channel them up at Whitehall hev given contracts t’some of them ferry companies t’put on extra ferries from other ports.  The best one was that they hev given a contract to a company that don’t own any ferries!!!! thas like givin a milk contract to a farmer who han’t got any dairy cows…… or a farm!!What ever happen w’BREXIT this year them old farmers will carry on a’growin crops und keepin livestock so we hev food on our plates.
Them boys up at Carra Rood are a’still gettin the right results although they are leaving some o’their goals a bit late.    As them Tractor Boys are not doin to well my Brother hev bin keepin suffin quiet, although he did send me a Christmas Card.

The Missus und I hev got a big event a’comin up this year, If we can keep  ploughin a furrow along side each other until May that’ll be 50 years since we set out t’gether.  

Fare ye well t’gether und do yu keep a’troshin.
The Boy Tom