Well how are you all a’gettin on together?
Well that arrived!……. Thas t’old snow I’m on about. A time I am a’writin this (Jan 30th) there’s sum on it a’layin about.  You know what they say “thas a layin there a’waitin for sum more t’join it” 
  They recon we arn’t a’gonin t’git another “Beast from the East” this year but we might git more than we want.    That’ll du good t’git sum hard weather for a day or two.   That’ll git rid o’all them colds un coughs folk seem t’be a’gettin und the arable farmers will be pleased cos that’ll help t’git rid o’all  them viruses that hang about on Autumn sown crops.   Mind you if any on um hev got any sugar beet in a heap the’ll ha’a make sure  they hev got them covered up so the beet don’t git any frost into them, cos if they do that’ll be no good him a’carton them t’the factory cos the whole load will be chucked out.      A fare while ago I knew a farmer who he’d a load rejected.   When  he’d got the beet loaded onto the lorry he thought they looked a bit dirty so he give them a wash.   The trouble was the loaded lorry stood in the yard overnight und that fros suffin hard.   When he got the factory the next morning he went t’tip the load orf but the old beet wound’t move cos they were fros on.
I don’t know if any on yar hev bin a’watchin that programme thas been on the TV during the afternoon about farmers who getting their stock riddyfor a show.   Well I hev bin a watching on it und tuther week they were a’shown folk near here who were a’gettin their sheep ready for the Norfolk Show.    I knew one or two on um who were filmed und thet were good t’see the Norfolk Show getting some publicity.What about the Wayland Show then!… They recon that a’goin t’be cancelled this year und then come back next year on Sunday May 3rd.   They say that’ll help the Farmers cos they wont be after the Harvest then und them in charge o’the show are a’goin t’try und attract more folk to attend by a’puttin on new events that’ll get folk involved.Cos there’s another show what they could learn a thing or two about getting visitors involved und thas the Spring Fling at the Norfolk Show Ground. This year thas on Thursday April 11th. Tickets are on sale now.  I’m a’goin t’be on the Stand thas called the Ark.   Children can touch the animals we hev there und can get a chance to lead sum on um round in a little ring.   The Missus is coming this year t’keep an eye on me so i’ll ha’a be on me best behaviour
Well the old BREXIT saga keep a rumblin on.    That remind me of when the Missus und I used t’teake our 3 younguns out in the car.    They used t’keep a’askin “Are we there yet”.    Thas a bit like that w’them up a Whitehall who are supposed t’be driving while the rest on us are a’sittin in the back asking i “Are we there yet”.     The trouble is them who are a driven are lost und don’t know which way they are a’goin.   Tha’ll soon ha’a start a driven along the right rood cos the end a’March will soon be just round the next bend!!!!
The Village Hall her re-opened after the toilets & kitchen hev bin tricolatedup.   Less hope folk keep a’usin on it cos thet hev cost a bit t’get the work done.   I hed a walk up Summer Lane tuther morning.   My heart

there were a rum lot of rubbish in the hedge rows.   Thas folk a hulling it outa their cars after they hev finished eating their take-a-way.   There were enough beer cans t’fill a skip.     Why can’t folk take their rubbish home?    I see down the Ovington Road somebody hev hulled an old fridge into the bottom o’the ditch.   I know I hev said it a’for but when the Missus und I are a travelling about over the water you don’t see litter about like you do here.   Perhaps that is suffin we can learn from um before we leave?
Them boys up at Carra Rood are still going strong.  They play every game right till the final whistle.   Thas how they win a’lot of their games.   They hev still got the big one a’comin up in a week or two.   Thas the one against the Tractor Boys.   They don’t seem to have got going yet despite hevin Mr Lambert in charge! 
I hed better close now cos that’ll soon be time for me fourses.  That’ll soon be light enough t’draw outside after I hev hed be cup o’tea.  Mind you that’ll ha’a be suffin warmer than that is now.
Fare ye well t’gither und du yu keep a’troshin.
The Boy Tom