Our next Heritage meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Monday 25th March 7pm, everyone is welcome to attend we discuss our ongoing activities and historically related subjects, if anyone has any suggestions please get in touch.

We have a number of ongoing projects as well as new ones in the pipeline. We are working on Transcribing the School log book for the years 1939 – 45, which we hope to publish as a book, with related items and articles relevant to the time and activities in the school, and would like to hear from anyone with memories of Carbrooke school, or of wartime memories – first or second hand.

We are planning a visit to the Watton Museum, to see how they went about setting up the Museum (in Wayland Hall), the display items, and making arrangements for our some of our own items to be displayed in a cabinet for a while and also to offer our help with transcribing items relevant to Carbrooke.

On 11th March at 2pm – and followed by refreshments, The Millenium Green will be planting a tree in memory of Robert Buscall, who helped & promoted the village and amenities, as well as being instrumental in saving the school from closure.

Believe it or not, the Millenium Green will be 20 years old next year, and the committee are considering ways of marking the event.

Following on from the success of the poppy production within the community, which were displayed on the Church for the Remembrance commemorations, we are considering ways we can work together to produce a lasting item of interest using the talents of our community. One suggestion is to create a ‘Carbrooke Time Line’ incorporating, national/international and local events illustrated by our residents using crafting, stitching, woodworking and artistic skills. If anyone would like to get involved with this please get in touch.

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