How are yu all a’gettin on?
Well I hev bin a’scrappin round t’try und hev a wurk a’long with yu all.  Thas corse the Missus und I hev bin over the water for a week.   No we hant bin with our caravan.  We hev bin on a coach trip t’see the Winter Wonder Land in Austria, Switzerland & Germany.   We din’t hev t’drive any where t’start with, we were collected from our house by a minibus und that took us t’meet the bus at Thetford und away we went.    That were right nice t’let somebody else du the drivin.   We see a rare lot o’snow und a’lot of folk a’ skiing.  My heart some on um were  a’goin suffin fast but that din’t teak um long t’stop.  They put their skies t’gether at the front like a snow plough, that meake um pull up quicker than I can on my old bike.    Talkin o’bikes we see sum fella a crowdin acrors the snow on a bike. The bike hed sum grat old tyres on it. I spuse thas so he din’t sink in?   How-sum-ever I knew folk won’t believe me so I took a photo im.  We din’t hev a’go at skiing although we could hev hired a sledge.   But I dussant hev a go cos I don’t think my insurance would hev covered me for any accidents I might hev hed.   I did teak a photo of the Missus standin near a set of skies t’meake that look as if she wus then a’goin t’put them on und ski back down t’the bottom o’the slope.
The weather were suffin hot while we were there und we see sum folk a sittin in deck chairs in the snow sun bathin.    The good thing about this trip were that nearly all the folk on the coach come from Norfolk so we hed plenty the talk about t’gether.
The week a’fore we went over the water we hed a rare lot of cars und lorries a’drivin past our house. That were like that is when folk go down t’the village school only that carried all a day for four days. That were cos they closed t main road inta Watton while they resurfaced it. There were great old yella signs up a’tellin folk that the diversion wernt through the village und down through Ovington.   But folk took no notice on um, Du yu know one day I counted sum 20 cars a’waitin t’git over the Ovington road bridge.    One day when I were a’crowdin my old bike home from Watton Green I counted sum 25 cars a’passin me.   Thas a wonder nobody din’t end up orf the road somewhere.  They recon the proper diversion were round by Caston und Griston. 
Cos that hev bin spring like weather things in the fields und gardens are a startin t’grow.   A’for we went over the water I went round und fed all the shrubs in pots with sum Meat & Bone meal.  I stirred that inta the top of the tubs with some fresh compost.   My old sweet pea seeds in the green house hev chitted und are a’growin, I’ll soon ha’a nip the tops out so they produce some side shoots.   The old lawns are started t’green up but I’m a goin t’hold hard afor I start a harrowing them cos we could still git a frorst or two.  I hev got one o’them machines that slit the turf . That’ll let sum air inta the soil und that also pull out any dead grass.   I git that orf un then I start puttin some fertiliser on.   I put plenty Phosphate und Potash t’help the roots und health o’the grass.    I don’t put to much Nitrogen on cos that only meak the grass grow to quick und that’s git to lush.    Cos the trouble is we are short o’water. Somebody who know about these things recon the water table around here(Caudle Springs) is 2ft below where it should at this time o’year.   I recon thas why the water level in my old fish pond keep a’dropin.   That mean there won’t be a lot o’moisture in the top soil when them old farmers want t’be drillin them old sugar beet, cos the’ll want a bit o’moisture t’git them a’goin.
Them boys up at Carra Rood are this sittin on the top o’the tree.  Only eleven more games t’go, Less hope they are still a'perchin there arter they hev played all them eleven games!
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin
The Boy tom
Biker in the Snow at Davos