How are you all a’gettin on together?
Last time I were having a word along with yu I were a telling on ya what a good holiday the Missus und I hed just got back from.   Well the day after we cum home the Missus were laid low with flu und ha’a stop a’doin anything cos she felt s’tired .   A day or two after she were laid low I cum down with it un all.  That really knocked the stuffin out on us both.   I din’t ride my old bike for ni on two weeks.   When we started t’feel better we could only du one job a day. Any more than that und when we sat down we just went t’sleep.
One thing we did get to in the Village were the plantin of a Copper Beech Tree on the Millennium Green.    This were in memory of Robert Buscall.   Durin his life he did a lot for the village.   A lot on it were in the background un only a few people knew he were involved.  If that han’t bin for him I doubt we would still hev a village school.  There were a good group of village folk there at the plantin und there were tea und cakes in the Village Hall afterwards.
I were a tellin on yu last time how I were a’goin t’hold hard on tricolatin up my old lawn an account of we could still git sum cold weather.   Well with the warm weather we hev bin a’haven leartly I hev made a start.   I hev cut the grass und then bin over it w’my lawn rake und slitter.    My heart I gotta a rare lot of dead grass und moss orf.    The only thing I hant done is put the fertiliser und moss killer  on cause we want hant hed any rain.      They recon we are a’goin t’git sum later t’morrow (April 2nd) so I’ll be a gettin out there early tomorrow mornin t’spread the fertiliser so, hopefully, that’ll git washed in.    They recon thas a’goin t’turn cold agin so I am a’goin t’hold hard about gettin the Missus tender shrubs outta the green house.
The Farmers want some rain t’start the winter cereals a growin und t’put sum moisture inta the ground t’git the sugar beet seed a’growin.    I’ll tell yu suffin thas the old oil seed rape is inta flower suffin early this year. The trouble w’that is if that don’t rain that will not be in flower long enough for the seeds to set in the flower head und that’ll affect the yield at harvest time.  No rain will mean there ount be much pollen for the bees to collect.    When I used t’keep bees once they hed finished collecting pollen from the rape yu ha’a scrap round und git the rape honey outa the hive cos if not that set hard und you couldn’t shift it.
I see tuther Saturday that Summer Lane were closed so they could mend some of them pot holes that keep appearing. We all know that don’t last 5 minutes afore that all break-up agin.  The trouble is when these roads, like Summer Lane, fust hed tarmac put on um the only traffic that run-in over them were bikes und horse and carts.   Now that hev all them cars a’goin down t’the school and buses und thas with-out them great old lorries und tractors un trailers.  Cos them tractors und lorries are a’gettin wider they keep a’cuttin the roadside banks back un all which make the edges of the road break up.
I arn’t a goin t’say anything about BREXIT.  Cos there’s nothin happening.  If them up at Whitehall can’t agree about anything nothin int a’goin to happen.
Next week I’ll be a’goin up the the Showground t’help with the Spring Fling.   The Missus is a cumin w’me this year.    I recon she’s a’goin the put me in a pen und then tell folk what a Rare Breed I am.    The truth is she’s a’cumin to meet one o’our boys und his Missus w’our grand-daughter who will be there t’hev a look round.    I allus enjoy it cos thas important that todays youngsters now where their food cum from.
Well them boys up at Carra Rood only hev seven more games until the end of the season.   As long as they keep winning then they will be in the top division next year.    That there manager they hev got now is a’shown on um that if you work young boys und them with more experience men then they can play together.   That work in farming as well. I remember several years ago when I were a’lookin after a big flock of sheep for sum folk in Suffolk the Shepherd were one o’them old boys who hed bin w’sheep all his life.     When he were a’lambin I used t’go und help und sometimes I used t’teak one o’our boys w’me.     I noticed that he used t’show my boy how t’do different jobs with the sheep und lambs  cos that were the way were the way he learnt.   
Goin back t’football I were with my Brother tuther week-end und he dint mention the Tractor Boys at all.
One thing BREXIT int a’goin the change is the clock’s a’changin.   Thas now light enough t’git outa inta the garden after tea.   That don’t matter what the weather is a’doin the weeds know thas spring und have started a’growin.   One job I hev done is to sprinkle sum Epsom Salt around my roses cos when that git washed in that’ll help make the leaves green und shiney.    Thas suffin I learnt from my father.
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.