Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Well thas nearly another month gone since I last hed a would a’long w’yu.

I’ll ha’a tell yu I han’t bin in to good a’fettle since then.   I ha’a hev a couple nights in hospital just a’for Easter.  I aren’t a coin t’say to much about it except t’say  I were well looked after und them doctors und Nurses work suffin hard 24 hours a day..    They did a good job und got me sorted out so I were home in time for Easter.   That really knocked me back und I am still pulling a light Harra.   That mean the Missus ha’a teak up the slack.    She hev done well und I hope t’be in full harness before to long although I don’t I’ll be a riding my old bike for a while yet.

Right at the beginnin o’the month the Missus und I went to see our eldest Grandson on his Birthday.  He were havin a party at a go-cart track near Newmarket.   Well that were a rare place.  There go-cart racing, motor cycle scrambling, drivin 4x4s & trikes.There were five friends with our Grandson. They were kitted out wi racing suits & helmets.   They ha’a watch a safety film a’for they went out t’the go-carts.   They then went out onto the track for ten laps. The go-carts were governed down to 20mph. Then they come in again und ha’a hev another talk a’fore they went out und hed a proper race.   Them in charge let me go out onto the track t’teak sum photos.  Mind yu I won’t hev wanted t’be out there when the older folk were a’goin round cos their carts were governed at 40 mph That were a good du und the boys enjoyed it.     I remember several year ago I went on one o’them corporate dues at a go-cart track.   I hed a go but I dint du to well cos I were heavier than a lot on um there un they could go quicker cos all the engines were the same size.  I recon I would hev bin a’right if I could hev put a stick in the governor  on the motor t’open the engine up a bit.
Afore I were ill the Missis und I went to the Spring Fling at the Show Ground.  That were suffin cold und most folk there were rugged up .  Our Son und his Missus und our Grand Daughter cum and hev a look . They recon they enjoyed it will be back agin.   The Missus she went round w’them t’hev a look.    I hev bin a goin since that started sum 20 year ago I did’t think there were the same feelin about the place that hev bin other years….perhaps that were just the cold weather.    But the organisers hed made one or two changes und I don’t think they warked.    That’ll be interesting t’see what they do next year?

Thas bin rum old weather t’git on in the garden.  The main thing is that we want sum rain. Thas still to cold at nights t’git the Missus’s tender plants out o’the green house.  The trouble is thas bin warm duin the day so yu ha’a leave the green house door open t’let the heat up. Thas alright as long as yu remember t’shut   the door at night.

The farmers are havin a job cos the land is s’dry.  Some on um are already irrigating their winter cereals t’keep them a growin.     On the heavy land their are heaven a job a’breakin the land down cos thas s’dry.    Most o’the sugar beet seed hev bin drilled but that’ll want sum rain t’git them a’growin.   They recon if that keep dry that’ll be an early harvest. I recon old Mother Nature will hev a few more tricks up har sleeve a’for we git there.

The Missus und I drawed down t’the village hall this arternoon,(27th April) cos there were a du on t’celebrate a reunion of the Smith Family.  There were three sisters und a brother who were all born in the village und all went t’the village school. They were all there und their total ages were 377 years.   Two o’the sisters ha’a travel t’git here. One on um come from America und another one come down from Scotland.   That were a rare good du w’plenty of folk there from their family und some folk from the Village who knew them.The Missus und I recon thas was village life is about.   Folk a’sittin round havin a good mardle und lookin at some old photos und remembering things that happened several year ago.
While I hev bin a’writin this I hev bin a’listen to BBC Radio Norfolk commentary on Norwich City’s game against Blackburn Rovers.   If they win this that’ll mean they will be playing with the big boys in the premier league next year.   They hev won. OTBC

Fare ye well together und du you keep a’troshin

The Boy Tom