Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’getha? I know I am leate a written this but I hev bin suffin busy.   Thas corse I hev bin laid up agin.   I were just a gettin back inta harness agin when suffin else come along und laid me low agin for a few days.  Corse o’that I hev got behind with me old garden und I hant bin on my old bike for nigh on Thirty days. How-sum-ever I am a’gettin back into it now.    I hev bin out on my old bike but my legs suffin hurt if I try und try to crowd along to quick.   I hev bin a’lookin at them electric bikes but they cost a penny or two.   I think I am a’going t’try und keep a’peddlin yet  a’while yet with-out any help.   I keep a’lookin for one o’them fold up bikes to teake with us when we go away with our caravan.   I’ll be able t’bike a’round the camp site.    The Missus recon I’ll look sorft , she recon I’ll look as if I’m a ridden a childs bike. I told har if she like I’ll wear short trousers und a school cap while I’m a riding it……..She din’t say anything, she just gimi one o’har looks.   We hev bin away for a week-end in our caravan. We were a’staying on a site near the Kings Forest twix  Bury & Mildenhall. We were there w’sum friends und their caravans.    We knew there were a Badger’s sett near where we a’stayin so two on us went t’see if we could git a photo on um.   We tried last year but only got one or two when that were nearly dark.   Sum one,  who know about these things, recon that we could use our flash guns cos the Badgers won’t see it when that go orf.    Well boy, we went early und sit there a’waitin for them t’come out.   Arter a while we see one on um a creeping up one o’there paths but afore we could get our cameras a’goin the Badger see us fust und bolted back inta the Sett.    Arter that we sit there until that were nearly dark und all we see was one on um who kept a’poken his head outa the sett entrance t’see if we were still there.    Perhaps if we go next year that’ll be third time lucky. Now I am back in full harness I hev been a’tryin t’git the old garden tricolated up.   The Missus hev bin a helpin but the old weeds especially the old ground elda hev really got a hold.    We are a-doin our best, I say t’the Missus , as long as we can get it pulled up a’for that seed that all we need t’worry about.    I hev cut down on the grass cutting cos I hev tunned one o’the lawns inta a wild flower meadow.    I hev stopped cuttin the grass und hev planted sum wild flower plants inta the grass. Sum on um I grew ‘m’self und sum I got at a place what grow them up near the coast. We’ll ha’a see if that work.  I told yu at the turn ‘’the year this were a special year for the Missus und me. Last month that were fifty years since we got married.  That seem a long while a’go when yu think back to how things were then.   England were still World Football Champions, we were still using Pounds, Shillins und Pence.  I drive a little old Mini Pick-up truck that cost, new, £375.    Still we hev hed a good innings und, god willin, we hev got a few more t’hev t’gether.  Our Family told us not to book anything for the day cos they were arranging suffin for us.    Well Boy that were a surprise und a half.    They sent us to that posh restaurant at Morston for a meal und to stay the night there.    That were a rare place.    We he’d a great old bedroom.  I measured it out. do yu know I could nev kept a dozen or more sheep in there.   In the bathroom there were a TV set inta the tiles at the end o’the bath.   The Missus wound’t let me try it out cos she recon once I got in there she wound’t be able t’git me out. There were another TV in the bedroom she could a’watched. The dinner were a seven course taster meal.    Five meat und fish und two sweet courses.    Well boy I hev never seen anything like it, We hed Beef from Japanese Cattle kept in Suffolk, Pigeon from France und Mushrooms from Madeira.   The courses weren’t very big but they tasted alright.   Und when we hed finished all of the courses they come along with a plate on which they hed written in chocolate, Best Wishes und there were a bit o’cake with a candle on it.  Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin, The Boy Tom