Countess of Wessix meets Suffolk Punch at Norfolk Show

Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

My heart hant that bin suffin hot t’day (June 29th) The Missus und & drawled down t’the Village Fete this morning afore old Mother Nature tunned the heat up. There were a tidy few folk there und there were plenty of stalls there for them t’hev a look at, und there a ring where sum ladies were a’flinging their arms und legs about. The Missus recon that were called Zoomba dancin. I recon that don’t matter was that called they shount hev bin a dancing about in that heat. Arter them a bloke cum inta the ring w’sum Ferrets. He put sum long tubes out und started racin them ferrets along um. Folk around the ring recon they were a bit slow a comin out tether end. I say if you want’t see them move somebody auta put a couple o’rabbits inta them tunnels, that’ll meake um move.

I’ll tell yu where that weren’t s’hot this week. That were at the Norfolk Show on the fust day (Wednesday) I were up there early t’help on Mr Mawkins Farm, thas run by the Rare Breed Survival Trust. I went up there with-out a coat. As soon as I got outa the car that old eastly wind were a cuttin across the show ground so as soon as I got inta the show ground I ha’a go und buy a coat (Fleece). When I got home the Missus din’t half mobbed me for not a’takin a coat wi me und for spendin money on another coat when I hed got plenty at home. I told har that when I set out I thought I would be warm enough cos I hed my old vest on as well as me shirt. She dint say anything…. she just gi me one of har looks.

Any how I hed a good day at the show u’takin plenty of photos on the Rare Breed Stand. The Show President (Countess of Wessex) she come along to look at the animals und poultry on the Stand. She spent a lot o’time with a Suffolk Horse und with some School Children who were takin part in a school project t’get them closer t’where their food cum from. I’ll tell yu suffin: Why do them folk who arrange for the President t’go round the show und meet folk never allow enough time for them on each stand. When the Countess were only half way though har visit t’our stand them in the bowler hats who were with har started a’lookin at their watches und started a’sayin how they would ha’a hurry har along cos she were a’gettin behind schedule. I’ll give the Countess har do she din’t move on until she were ready to.

A couple o’weeks a’fore the show the Missus und I hed a few days away in our caravan. We hed decided that we weren’t a’goin over the water this year. Thas corse I hed bin a bit moderate a few weeks ago und we recon if I were a’goin t’be ill agin that would be best if I were this side of the water if that happened agin. So we went und hed a look at the New Forest. We recon that were nigh on nearly forty year ago when we last stayed there. The weather were a bit moderate while we were there but that din’t stop us a’doin the things we wanted t’du while we were there. We hed a’look round sum big gardens und houses. One garden we hed a look round were suffin special und hed a indoor swimming pool, tennis court und a great old indoor gym that were bigger than my house. That were with-out the stables, paddocks und exercise area for the horses.
We did go over a bit o’water while we were there….we went t’the Isle o White for the day t’look at Osborne House where Queen Victoria spent a lot o’time. There were a rare lot o’folk there as well as us. A’lot on um seem t’be Germans who were there cos the Queen’s Husband were a their Country. We ha’a take our time a’drawin round, The only trouble is that them from over the water don’t seem t’like queuing like we do und there were a bit of pushin und shuvin once or twice. I sorta held back a bit corse I din’t want upset um.

Well they tell me that them Footballers at Carra Rood will be back in trainin next week in preparation for their go at the big boys. Good luck to them, if they play like they did last season I recon they’ll du all right. I hev bin a’watchin them girls a’playin in the World Cup. Them English Girls are a’doin all right at the moment. Well ha’a see how they git on next week when the play the Americans in the semi-finals. I’ll tell yu suffin you don’t see them girls a’doin thas divin und rollin about like the men do. Although the German Women were a’doin it a bit this afternoon, but they were loosing so I recon they thought they might git a free kick or penalty.

Well them up at Whitehall are a’tryin t’pick a new Leader/Prime Minister. What I want t’now is why is it all a’takin s’long? Here we are a’waitin for them Brexit talks t’git a’goin agin und they are a carrion on as if nothing else matter except a’gettin a new man in charge. Don’t they know that that folk are a’gettin fed with the lot on um, Din’t they learn anything from them recent Council/ European elections?

Well harvest will soon be here, When I were down on the south coast tuther week I see sum winter barley that were really turning. With this here hot weather I recon there will be sum crops on the lighter lands in Norfolk that will be getting ripe. Less hope the farmers get a good yield although with Brexit a’goin on they won’t know what prices they will be a’gettin cos the grain merchants wont know if the can sell the grain for export to the EU.

What ever is a’goin t’happen with Brexit that won’t stop then old weeds in my garden a grown und the grass will still want a’cuttin. That hev reminded me my old mower is broken down so I’ll hev t’git it repaired…..I just hope the spare parts hant got t’cum from Europe!!!

Fare ye well t’gether un du yu keep a’troshin.

Horse Talk at the Norfolk Show