Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
My heart what a week we hev just had! I know I talked tuther month about that bein suffin hot but this weeks weather ha made that seem like a winters day.I know that folk run on about how thas this here “Global Warmin”  is a’causin this here hot weather.   I’ll tell yu suffin, I recon they could be right?     I hev warked outdoors most o’my life so old mother nature hev decided when we could do most jobs connected with Farming. That  ha’a be either dry, sunny, no wind, waitin for sum rain, cold but no frorsts & cold with sum frorsts.  Thas how farmin wark even now.    I know irrigation hev helped but that corst money und there’s only so much water you can draw outa the ground.  
   The Missus und I were a havin a think back but we recon we hev never hed it so hot in this country.     I know we hev hed sum hot weather when we hev bin over the water but thas what you expect.    Durin the week, when that were really hot we drawed indoors with the windows un doors shut.    I know that wont wark for sum folk but our house is an oldun w’one foot thick walls that were made t’keep yu cool in the summer & warm in the winter. I recon them who built it sum 200 year a’go knew what they were a’doin.I were a havin a look at my old weather station that’s rigged up in the garden, do yu know that got up to 39c one arternoon. I say t’the Missus I know one reason why thas bin so hot,    Thas all that hot air a’comin outa Westminister this week…….She din’t say anything….. she just gi’me one of har looks.
Well that seem as if we hev got a new Prime Minister.   He han’t done that job a’for, und neither hev half o’them folk he hev picked t’ be in the Cabinet.   Most folk don’t give him much of a chance with BREXIT or anything else.    I recon yu hev gotta give him a chance…. Not many folk give Norwich City much a chance o’gettin promoted inta the Premier Division und looked what happened t’them.    Yis I know runnin a football team is different to runnin the country but when everything is ticking along nicely folk recon yu alright und when his team (Cabinet) int doin so well folk want t’git rid on yar.
Tuther Saturday the Missus und I drawed down t’Bodney Camp t’see them Lifeguards a’ridin their hosses around.    That were a rare lot o’folk there und we ha’a go inta a tent t’hev our bags looked at a’fore they would allow us in.     The Missus handbag were past though I dussant tell um there might be suffin living in the bottom on it.      When that cum t’me my old camera bag were alright so I thought we there through,    but hold yu hard , the young Mawther  asked me if I a’carrion a shut knife.    Well a’corse I was so I ha’a give it in und were told I could collect agin on the way out.     The Missus wernt very pleased cos she recon I were “showin us up”, what ever that mean.  Any way we hed a good aternoon a lookin at the hosses und their riders a’gallopin about in the ring.     The best Hoss there, I recon the the Drum Hoss, He were a Shire.    He looked lovely all braided up und carrying them two gret old drums that they recon were over 100 year old.    When he come outa the ring I went round t’the stable where they were a’takin his harness orf,   I got a talkin to the young Mawther who were a riddin him.   She recon his name were Mercury und he were seven year old.   She recon she wern’t his regular rider.  I recon she must nev bin an officer corse the groom who were a’lookin arter Mercury kept acallin har Marm, Afore we left I went t’git my shut knife back……..Well the tent the Mawther were sittin in hed gone und so hed she.    I hed a word with an officer who told me t’go und talk to another officer nearby who he reccon “was in charge of Security”     I hed a word along w’him, he took my address und recond he would post it to me.      I don’t recon I’ll see that agin, thas a shame cos I hed hed it sum time.   I feel lorst with-out it, like them younguns recon when they han’t got their mobile phones.    I’ll ha’a git another one cos that sorta balance my trousers up when I am a wearen them……because I hev got my mobile phone in tuther pocket.
We hev had sum sad news in the village. Mrs Jan Godfrey hev passed away.  She und har Husband Ken hev lived the village all their married life.   Jan were a Teacher at Wayland High School und a lot of the children in the village, including our three, were  taught English by har.    Jan was also a great supporter of village life and was one of the driving forces behind the Millennium Green.  Both She & Ken used to host visits of Second World War American Airman returning Norfolk to see the bases from which they had flown.  Since she hed retired she started up the Wayland Partnership, although based in Watton,  it helped local villagers fund projects by proving grants from money that Jan, through the Partnership, had been able to obtain.She will be sadly missed und I hope that them in charge will provide a fitting memorial to her in the village.
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin
The Boy Tom