How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Well han’t we had a rare lot o’rain? (first week Oct)  that were needed. Havin bin a driven around afore the tempests cum along I could sum o’them old Sugar Beet were a bit thirsty, their leaves were a lying on the ground.   The farmers will leave them in the ground a bit longer cos them old beet will still be a’growin.

At the begging of last month I hed a rare treat.   I were asked t’go to the Suffolk Punch Spectacular in Essex und take some photos for them.   That were a rare day und there were some 35 horses there.   When you think that the breed have less animals alive in the world than Pandas that take some duin. That were good to see a rare crowd of folk there un all.    One o’the best classes were for young handlers, there were ten youngsters und they really did handle the  horses with confidence.    One fella drive all the way from Somerset with his team of Suffolks and a show cart.

Since I last hed a word a’long w’yu the Missus und I hev bin over the water for a weeks holiday.    I hev only just got back so I hev ha’a scrap round t’git this here written afore the lady in charge start a mobbin me.We din’t teak our caravan , we flew from Norridge airport to Lake Garda in Italy.  Well we din’t land near near Lake Garda cos there int enough level ground about t’put down a runway.The trouble w’flyin s you spend so much time a’standin about or walking miles t’git t’yar plane.    They reckon yu ha’a be they two hours afore yu take orf. Fust yu ha’a stand in a line t’hev year bags weighed in.    Our were suffin close t’the limit but they let us through.    Next yu ha’a go through security.   Thas a job und a half, yu ha’a empty yar pockets into a plastic tray.   The Missus hed told me t’leave my old shut knife at home.  Then yu ha’a teak yer belt off.  Well boy that put me in a muddle cos I weren’t a wearin my old braces, again the Missus meade me leave them at home cos she recon they hed got to much metal in um.  While I were a wondering what t’du next sum Mawther recon I nev gotta walk through a metal detector. As I draw through that went orf.    There were a fella there,wearin blue gloves, who recon I hed got suffin in me pockets.  He started a feeling around my pockets und found I hed left my phone in me trousers.    Arter that along come another fella with a wand thing. He recon I’d ha’a stand with me legs apart with my arms out un all.    Thas a good job I hed my old legs apart du I think my old trousers would hev found their way south.     I started talkin t’the last fella und that turned out he hed worked for the same folk as I had although he had bin at their Norridge place.    The Missus recon that were embarrassing, cos we stood there a mardling while folk were a getting stowed up behind me.
We hed a good time in Italy once we got there, we din’d hev no rain until the day we cum home.   There were plenty to see, we did our own thing cos we went with sum folk who hed been there afore.  We used the local buses und ferries t’git about.   We flew home during the day so when we come over Norfolk we could hev a look outer the plane window t’see where we were.   That seemed that the pilot flew up the coast until he got Yarmouth und then turned inland till he come t’Norridge.   Thas a good job that were a clear day du he might hev missed his turnin.
They tell me there is a’goin t’be a du in the Village Hall on Friday 8th November  t’launch a book about the Village School.   This book will show extracts from the School Book which is a bit like a dairy.   The du start a 2pm so the Missus und I might see yu there.

Well this here BREXIT keep a trudlin along.   A’time yu read this I don’t recon that’ll be any further forward. The trouble folk who are a duin business across the water don’t know what they are a goin t’du arter the end off the month. As I hev said afore farmers are a sowing crops now t’sell next year .  Thas the same folk growing beef, poultry, sheep & pork. None on um know where the market will be when the time come t’sell their crops or livestock.   We hev got one o’the biggest pork factories in the uk tuther end of the High Street so things ha gotta be right for them.    The same folk are a building a great old poultry factory just over the border a Eye in Suffolk…… perhaps they know suffin we don’t!!!

Them boys up at Carra Road seem to be a’doin alright at home but they hev gotta pull their socks up when the play away .   Still thas a long time until next May so they hev gotta a bit o’time to improve.
I see them old leaves hev started a’fallen so I’ll ha’a start a’emptying my old compost bins when thas a bit dryer outside.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.
The Boy Tom