Carbrooke student Tori Woolley has been selected to paint a very special project as part of an art trail to take place in Cambridge next spring. She explains:

“Early in the summer I submitted a design to be apart of ‘Cows about Cambridge. Big news, my design has been sponsored by Cambridge Assessment to transform my design into one of the 50 cow sculptures that will be placed around Cambridge from 30th March – 6 June, all set up by Break charity and Wild in Art

Over 400 designs were submitted, and I couldn’t be more excited and thankful for the opportunity to paint 1 of 50 amazing cows selected 

I’m not allowed to reveal the full design and name of my cow, but I’m sure to update with some teaser photos along the way

Meet my cow, and welcome to ‘The cow shed’….located in the kitchen!”

Tori is also having a table at the village hall bazaar showing more of her work.