How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
Well them old clocks hev changed, that don’t half meake a difference.   When I draw indoors  outa the garden for me fourses  thas to dark t’git back outside agin.   Mind you thas bin to dawby to do much outside although I hev started a clearing the leaves up und hev got the Missus tender plants inta the green house.  I hev tricoliated up another leaf bin cos I wanta keep a compositing  the leaves for 2 years afore I use um.
Last month the Missus und I took our caravan t’hev a look at the National Arboretum in Glorstershire.    Afore we went there we stopped near Oxford t’go und hev a look at Blenheim Palace. Thas were where Winston Churchill’s family come from.    My heart thas a great old place.     Once we got inta the Palace grounds we were standing in the yard a’takin some photos when sum iron gates behind us started a’openin.    I could see there a big car a comin in. So we stood back und let it pass. That parked und the driver got out, locked the car und went through a side door inta the Palace.    I say the Missus I recon he live here. She told me not t’be s’sorfed . Later when we come outa the Palace the car were still there so I hed a look at it’s number plate, the letters were DOM.   There yu are, I say t’the Missus, he du live here cos that were the Duke of Marlborough we see.The next caravan site we stayed on were a dairy farm.   That were ok although there were a bit o’mud about.   When I went t’pay the farmer we were a talking about the cows.  He recon he thought I knew suffin about farmin cos I hed asked him what breed o’cows he hed.    There were 200 on um in the milking herd with another 300 head o’cattle about the yard.   They were all indoors und he let me draw about a’haven a look round.   I saw that there were 4 on um a looking arter all them stock und a milking the cows twice a day. They seemed t’hev a mechanical machine t’do all their jobs, but they were still a scrapin round t’git everything done.  I see the farmer a’eaton his breakfast while he were a driving a tractor.We were lucky at the National Arboritum, that were a lovely day und the leaves on all the trees hed started a’turnin so we were able to take a lot of photos.
Since I last hed a word along with yu I see the Village hev bin in the newspapers. One of them who farm in the village, but don’t live here ,recon he’s a goin t’farm so up to 1000 folk can live here if society break down.   He don’t say who these folk are, where they are a’goin t’live or if that include folk who already live in the village?.     I think if he come und talk to folk in the village he would hev found out that most on us could get by if society broke down.     I know a lot on us weren’t about during the last war but we can remember how we lived in the late 40s und 50s. We grew our own food in the garden und folk kept poultry und some on us hed a pig or two.I don’t recon these here 1000 folk he is a talkin about live in the country, I recon he’s a’talkie about them who live in a city und hev no idea about how t’git along with-out  a microwave, take-a-ways und a mobile phone.
A’time yu read sum other does will hev happened in the village.  One on um is the launching of a book about the village school durin the Second World War.  The School record were kept in a Managers Book which was written in every day.  A lot of this information with sum photos hev bin put inta a book.   This here book is a’goin t’be showed for the fust time this Friday in the Village Hall.   The folk who hev done this are the Heritage Group und the book hev bin paid for by the Parish council.  There will be books on sale in the village.  Another place where yu can see sum o’the history o’the village is in the museum down at Watton. Them folk in the Heritage Group hev put sum o’the village old books, photos & sum armour what they found in the Church, that’ll be on display for sum 3 months.  Next time yar in Watton draw in und hev a look. 
Well them English Rugby boys fell at the last game, that were a pity cos they hed played s’well when they beat the New Zealand boys.    My heart they go at it suffin hard, they used t’recon ,a few year ago, that the New Zealand players were so fit und hard cos they were all sheep farmers!    Well I used t’look arter sheep when I played rugby but I don’t know if that made any difference.     I dussent ask the Missus if she think I were different when I looked arter sheep….. She’d probably just gi me one o’har looks.
Them boys up at Carra Rood are still a’strugglin, still as long as the supporters keep behind them they could turn the corner arter the turn o’the year.

One o’the most important day o’the year will be on Sunday 10th Nov. That ull be when we remember them who fell in the 2 World Wars.    I know I hev said a’for , when yu draw past the Church, just yu stop und hev a look at them names on the War Memorial und remember them words. “They Gave They Tomorrow So We Could Hev Our Today.” 
Fare ye well t’gether, und do yu keep a’troshin.