Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Well thas done for another year. I am a’talkin about a’gettin all them old leaves a’cleared up. We hev got a rare lot of great old trees around us und they don’t half shed a funny lot o’leaves. As I said when I last hed a word along with yu I hev tricolated up a new place t’store the leaves so they can rot down for two years until I use um.

Old Jack Frost hev left his calling card on a couple o’days this week (first week Dec) That ount du no harm at all. Thas want them farmers who work on heavy farm will want cos that’ll help t’break the ploughed land down. Mind yu they hev bin a havin a hard time a’gettin them old beet orf cos the land hev bin s’dawby. I’ll tell yu suffin a friend told me tuther day about sugar beet. He recon he hed bin t’one o’these village quizzes in another part of Norfolk und one of the questions was about Sugar Beet Factories. They wanted t know which of the Whissington & Cantley factories were mothballed. He recon the answer were Cantley. Well that were news t’me und I recon that were news t’them farmers who are a cartin beet to it. One o’our Sons live that way und when we hev bin t’see him lately there were plenty o’lorries full o’beet a’goin that way.

The Missus und I drawed down t’the village hall tuther Saturday t’hev a look at the Christmas bazaar. My heart there were a rare lot o’folk there, less hope they were a spending a bit o’money. We were a helpin on the heritage stall und There were a fella next t’us who were a’sellin honey und he seemed t’be a’doin alright. You could buy a jar of thick or runny honey.

On our heritage stall we hed sum old tools for folk t’hev a look at. One on um were a hammer und adjustable spanner t’gether. You could use the hammer head for drivin nails in or you could turn the handle for the head split open so yu could use it as an adjustable spanner. I remember usin on um, we used t’call it “A London Screwdriver”. I think I hev still got one somewhere in my old shud.

Another bit o’kit we hed on the stall were suffin that you could use for strainin barbwire when you were a’puttin up a new fence or mendin an old one. I hev used one on um but I din’t like a’usin it as you ha’a be suffin careful cos if you strained the wire up to tight that could break. If that did break the barbwire would spring back suffin fast und could coil itself around you. I never see that happen but my fences allus seemed tight enough.

Well them boys up a Carra Rood seemed to hev turned a bit of’a corner. Less hope that carry on inta the New Year. I don’t think much o’this VAR. Why don’t they show it at the ground, like they du in Rugby, so the supporters can see was a’goin on.

I suppose I hev gotta say something about the election. I dunno about the rest on yar but I am a’gettin fed up with it all. The trouble is once thas over that’ll be back t’Brexit.

Every time yu turn on the TV there they are a’promising this und that. Du they think we a sorft or suffin cos we know that int a’goin t’happen. I’ll tell yu suffin they will ha’a do suffin about: Thas them waiting lists at the hospitals. They recon their sum forty six thousand folk on the waiting lists up at the Norwich Hopitial. I’ll tell yu suffin else I read in the paper about folk who don’t keep their appointments down at the Watton Surgery. They recon in September 162 folk din’t keep their appointments with the Doctors und Nurses. That mean there were 162 other folk who could’d get an appointment.

Another thing I recon is suffin sorft , thas this here Black Friday. The trouble is that int just Friday they start a sellin a’for the Friday und carry on afterwards un all. The rouble is un all thas do good a going inta a shop und ask for extra discount for cash. The last time I did that the Mawther a servin me din’t know what I were a’talkin about und the Missus, who were wi me, gi me one o’har looks.

Well thas time I stopped a’writin cos that’ll soon be dinner time. A’fore I du go the Missus would like to join me in Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas und a Happy New Year.