How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
Well here we are at the start of a new decade, I don’t suppose that’ll meake a lot o’difference t’what’ll happen but there will allus be folk who recon that du.
Well December were a rare busy time for us. We seemed t’be a scraping about t’git things done.    At the start o’the month we und a few other folk went on a coach trip to see the Christmas lights at Audley End.   For them that don’t know thas just inta Essex where the M11 & the A11 yoke up t’gether.    Du yu know that took us ni on three hours t’git there.   When we hed got tuther side o’Thetford there were two accidents for we got the that great old round-a-bout at Barton Mills und there were another one just afore they put us down at Audley End.    The lights in the park were alright but the Missus und I recon that Blickling Park put on a better show.
I might ha told yu afore that one o’are Sons run these here untra marathons. Well just a’fore Christmas he und one o’ his friends organised one on um.   That were 84 miles along the coastal path twin Snettisham und Great Yarmouth und just to meake it interesting they ha’a run it during the night.   Them that only wanted t’run the half distance started at Cley.    Well he asked me if I’d go along und help und take a few photos for him.   I told hin I din’t mind what I did as long as I din’t ha’a stay up all night.    So I went the Snettisham und then drawed along t’Cley t’help check the runners in afore they started.    Well they started orf at Snettisham at sun set und that were dry with some wind behind them.    But hold you hard when we got t’Cley und they half Ultra competitors started at about half arter Ten my heart that were suffin wet und the old wind hed got up.   That wern’t to easy a’takin photos outside when thas like that.    Arter Cley I cum home but they recon that were a success so the y are a’goin to run another one next June tuther way round.   They are a’goin t’start at Great Yarmouth at 4.15 am (Sun Rise) und finish at Snettisham.   I’ll let yu know how I git on with that one when that happen.
Another thing we hed afore Christmas were the elections.    I don’t care how yu voted all I can say is Thank the Lord thas all over und now, hopefully, things ull draw along a bit quicker than they hev bin.   I recon them up a Whitehall want t’be a’lookin at other thing as well as the EU like the NHS.  The Norridge hospital  seem t’be running flat out und we han’t even hed any hard weather yet.  They recon yu will ha’a wait over four hours t’be seen und thas arter yu hev found some where t’park y’car.
Them boys up at Carra Rood hev left them selves a’lot o’wark t’du is they want to be playing w’the big boys next season.   They don’t seem as if they can play well for the whole ninety minutes.   Thas int as as they don’t know how t’play t’gether cos they du that all week when they are a trainin.Thas as if the man in charge hev got an old engine who play up sometimes but he don’t now how t’fix it.    I recon he want t’be putting a stick in the governors so they rev a bit harder.   Still thas a long way till the end of the season.   My Brother(who supports Ipswich) int a;sayin a lot at the moment cos his team hev slowed down a lot.     I’m pleased t’say that our two Grandsons are Norwich Supporters,   They both a football strip for Christmas, one hed the home strip und tuther one hed the away strip.  They costed suffin so we mead sure that the strips were big enough so they could grow inta them.  That NDR or what ever they call it don’t seem t’be warkin right.  That seem t’be looking at things that ent spos t’be looking at und not looking at things that is spos t’be looking at.   Why don’t they try a’lookin over the fence at other games like cricket und rugby where that work with-out all this squit. 
The turn o’the year is a quiet time on most farms, unless yu keep livestock who ha’a be looked after every day o’the week.     Thas nice t’see some livestock in the village, in case any on yar han’t noticed these a nice flock o’lambs a grazing sum stubble turnips aside o’Drury Lane.   I drawed down und cast my eyes over them.  They seem t’be a rare mix o’breeds but they were a’windin them old stubble turnips inta themselves und seemed happy.    Thas when they start t’run outa food that they start t’git unhappy und start a’lookin over or through the fence t’see if there’s any better feed on tuther side.   In years gone by there used be thousands o’sheep a’grazin in fields all over Norfolk on turnips, swedes & sugar beet tops.  They were called the golden hoof because their feet pulled small weeds out as they grazed and their droppings returned nutrients to the soil.
I wonder what 2020 will bring t’us all?   As we start a’ploughin a new furrow across the year I recon that’ll tun up somethings we are a’goin t’like und some things we recon should hev stayed buried.
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.