How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Well we hev left then, I am a’talkin about us a leaving the EEC. They recon that were 11 o’clock last night (31st Jan) when we cum out. They were a’tryin t’meake suffin on it on the TV. I say the the Missus, talk about wastin our licence money thas a bit like when I try und meake out I’v done suffin when I hant got anything t’show for it……….She din’t say anything……she just gi me one of har looks.

They recon we aren’t a go-in t’see any changes for ni on a year. Thas if they can agree on things, mind yu they han’t got a very good record of being able to agree. As I said a’for, we hev,in the past, bin at war w’most on um so how come they think they can suddenly agree with each other?

They recon winter is nearly over, how d’they know? We hev only got t’the end of January with-out mother nature a’stirrin things up a bit. Mind you, tuther day, I see a couple o’cock pheasants havin a scrap at the bottom o’the garden , thas a sign they think they’ll soon be sorting out whose a go-in to top o’the pile. I recon thas to soon t’think that winters over…. Tuther year the Beast from the East din’t arrive until well inta February. Mind yu, we hev got sum daffodils that’ll soon be in flower.

Tuther day the Missus und I drawed up t’Norwich to see that old fella who hed come fust in one o’them talent shows last year. He were a Chelsea Pensioner who hed lived in Norwich for ni on 40 years. That were a good do, he talked about his life und sung some songs. That were held in the Assembly House.

I told the Missus I recon the last time I were in there were with Young Farmers. That were the County Annual Meeting und that were also the day that Kennedy were shot…. I remember a fella called Alston a’comin in und telling us all.

Thas a rummin how you can remember things like that all them years later. Thas like I can remember what I were a’do-in when Kennedy recon he were a’go-in t’blow them USSR ships outa the water if they din’t turn them round instead of takin them missiles t’ Cuba. I were a harrowing a field down near Beccles & I were a thinkin what would happen if the Russians started sending some o’them missiles towards Norfolk corse I wound’t hev hed a lot a’warning cos there weren’t any mobile phones or radios in the tractor cabs in the early 1960s ( I don’t think I even hed a cab on the tractor I were a’usin). I Ha’a wait til I got home at the end o’the day t’find out that them Russian ships hed turned round.

Corse the Missus will be a’readin this I’ll ha’a say I can remember our weddin day & und the arrival of our children, even though I ha’a stop playin a game o’squash t’teak the Missus t’hospital for one on um.

Talkin of our children I’ll ha a tell you that we hev bin out t’see two on um a run-in since the turn of the year. First of all our Daughter und har Husband did a 5k run at Snetterton. That were once round the track. Arter they hed bin warmed up by some Mawther a’wearin what looked like a camouflage outfit they went und started in front of the Pits. Away they went the opposite way t’what the cars go. There were about a couple of hundred on um. Our Girl und har Husband did it in about 35minutes und they recon that track is not so level as that look.

Tuther week-end our other boy who do these here ultra marathons. He hed a go at the Pedders Way Ultra. That started on Knennishall Heath und finished at Holme. Thas about 64 miles. He hev run it twice before und he were arter doin it quicker than he did it two year ago. I took him down t’the start und driv up the course t’see him at the check-points. The whole family were there to see him at Castle Acre which were about half way. He managed to beat his last time by 45 seconds. The next day he recon he could hev run it quicker cos his legs weren’t a’playin up. I thought he did well cos he only entered 2 weeks a’for the race und han’t done a lot o’training.

Du yu think that Norwich City will stay up? Them ex-players who talk on the football programmes recon they are the best team they hev seen at the bottom of the league. That don’t give them any points though, while I hev bin a’writin this I hev bin a listening to them a playing Newcastle. Thas a game they should hev one. Still thas only a game! the better news is that the Tractor Boys are a losing 4-0.

Next time I hev a wud along with yu that might be dry enough und light enough t’git out inta the garden und start a’do-in suffin.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin

The Boy Tom