H ow are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
Well we hev hed three on um so far.  Thas these here Gales I am a’talkin about.  Why do they ha’a giv um names.   I know what I’d call um but that ud be suffin I could unt  write down here.That int only the wind thas caused trouble thas the rain that hev come un all. Thas meade the old ground suffin wet, some Farmers hant been able t’git all their beet outa the ground. I read tuther day that Cantley Beet Factory is a’goin t’stay open a extra day or two so the farmers can git all their beet in, thas if they can git  them outa the ground.Cos that int a’doin them winter sown crops any good a’havin their roots in water. A’ridin about they look suffin yella. That’ll ha’a dry out so the farmers can travel on the land und giv them a drop o’nitrogen fertiliser t’git them a’growin agin und turn green.In other parts of the country folks houses hev bin flooded more than once this winter so we hev got suffin t’be thankful for.

Since I last hed a wud  along with yu the Missus und I hev bin over the water agin.We hev bin t’Lapland for a few days. No we din’t see Father Christmas – he were on holiday.   We flew orf from Norwich airport.  that were suffin cold when we landed -15c.    The plane drew up close t’the terminal buildin so we dint hev far t’walk.   Arter we hed landed they took us to a gret old shud where they fitted us up w’some thermal suits und boots.  We looked a rumum but they kept us warm.  The fust night we were there they took us for a ride on sum snowmobiles.  We ha’a driv our own snowmobile.   The Missus she were on the back und I were drivin. That were like a’drivin suffin on mud so I were alright.  We went along a frozen river und got up to 35kph.    That were alright until we stopped t’hev a hot drink – when I climbed of inta the snow I dropped down t’me knees und hed a job t’walk cos you kept a sinking  inta the snow.   Everybody were hevin the same trouble, the Missus she were a’floundering about like a fish outa water. I thought at one stage I were going t’hev t’pull her out with a rope tied onto back of the snowmobile.
Next day we hed a go with some Huskies,  The Missus was in the sledge und I were a’standin on the back,  there were only five huskies a’pullin us but they were going suffin quick.   I were told how t’stop them – you hed a bar on the back near yar feet,  und to stop yu ha’a stand on the bar which driv sum hooks on the bar inta the snow und you ha’a should “whoe” just like yu did when driving a horse. The last time I shouted whoe to a cart horse were ni on sixty year ago.
They tell me they are planning suffin in the village for VE day celebrations in a few weeks time, there is a’goin t’be a do in the Village Hall und on the Millennium Green.   I know VE day were a’fore most on us were born but we should still remember it  cos a lot of folk gave their lives so we could be here today.
Them boys up at Carra Rood are still a’strugglin t’score sum goals und I recon that they’ll be playin in the Championship next season.   I’ll tell yu suffin though, I don’t think they will be a’playin the Tractor Boys cos they seem to be a slipping down their division.
That were a rare fire they hed in Watton tuther week.   I know thas bad for the businesses that were lost but at least nobody were hurt.
I know I were a talkin last time about how there were sum Cock Pheasants in the garden , well now these only one on um but he hed got three or four Hin Pheasants with him.    The shrubs und rose plants are a’shootin so less hope we don’t git any late frosts to cut um back.
One thing I forgot t’tell yu about our trip to Lapland was that we see the Northern Lights twice although they don’t look like yu see on photos cos most o’them are a 30sec. exposure.
Tuther week the Missus und I went up t’the Forum in Norwich cos the RBST were at the Forum.    They were a shearin some sheep und then some Mothers who were there were a’spinnin the wool und them a’makin the yarn into a woolen cloak.  There were a rare lot o’folk there a’watchin und askin questions.Another thing the Missus und I went und hed a look at were when they hed a light show in Norwich.   That were really suffin especially down at the Cathedral.
Well I hed better close this now und draw up t’bed cos I hev gotta be up suffin early in the morning as some fellas are a’comin to replace our fuel tank cos the old one hev got a crack or two on it und thas a’statin t’list a bit on it’s stand.
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.
The Boy Tom