Well How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
This is a rummin du ent it?   This here coronavirus.    I wonder who decided t’call it that.   I say t’the Missus that would be ok if we could put it back inta a bottle & teak it back und git three pence for it like we used to with them old corona bottles.   Some folk recon thas like that were during the war.   I want around then but I recon this is suffin different.   During the war you could see or hear the enemy.  This un is silent und will creep up on yar any where at any time.

I keep a hearing folk a’grumplin about them in charge a’sayin that they should hev done this und done that different or earlier.   I would say t’them now hold you hard a minute, would you want’a be in their shoes a’makin them decisions.    This is suffin most on us hev never sin a’for. 
One o’the wüst things is the way some folk are a’hoardin food from the shops, not only are they stopping the rest on us from getting some  but I bet a’lot o’the stuff their are a’hoardin will be outa date a’fore they can use it und they’ll hull it away & ha’a go und buy some more.   Thas the same wi them folk who are a hoarding medicines.  That mean that some on us hev now got to wait a week for our prescriptions to be got ready.  They’re like them folk who meake an appointment at the doctor’s surgery und then don’t tun up.  I heard that has bin a happen down at our surgery here in Watton, do you know that last December over one hundred folk made an appointment there but din’t tun up. Not only did that waste the doctors time but that stopped other folk getting an appointment.

The good thing is that folk are getting t’gether t’meake sure the older folk und those in need are a’being looks after.    The Missus und I are what they call ‘self isolatin” cos we both over seventy und I am a diabetic.   That seem a rummin t’ha’a sit at home when I want’a be out there doin my bit.    But we hev got good neighbours und our Daughter live nearby so they are a’lookin arter us.

Last Sunday (March 22nd) were Motherin Sunday & that were also our grand daughter buthday.   Cos we could’t meet them  but we we see um by using one o’these face time apps.    One o’our Sons , who know about these things, rigged it up so four families  could all be on at the same time.     He recon thas called a conference call, he use that at work und sometimes he recon he hev up to forty folk from all round the world on the same conference call.I know we grumble about these here mobile phones und things, but we would be lost with-out um now.

We hev gotta be grateful to all them who are a warkin hard to keep us fed und to all on um in the NHS who are battling against a silent enemy t’keep folk alive.  The Farmers they are a’carrion on sowing crops.   Sum on um hev only just got last years sugar beet away to the factory und now they are a drilling this years crop.  What ever happen there’ll allus  be a seed time and harvest.   The sheep farmers are a lambing even though overseas contracts hev bin cancelled und lambs are now a fetching £25 a head when they should be about £50.     I remember, last Autumn, sheep farmers were a’sayin that, because of BREXIT , they a’goin t’get their old sheep in lamb but they din’t know what prices they will be getting for the lambs this year.  Well they do now und that int anything t’do with BREXIT.Well at least we hev got the old garden t’wark in.   I hev bin out there instead of a’goin out on my old bike.   I’ll tell you suffin….we could do with a rain.  The old ground is dry und hard to break down.    Some folk hev started cutting their lawns, I arnt a’goin t’be s’hasty cos old mother nature could still give us some cold weather und frosts.   There’s a rare cold wind a blowin t’day (28th March) thas why I am indoors a’writin this und that talk of some sleet tonight.    I hev bin a tidying things up und cleaning the paths down w’my old pressure washer.    Once I hev finished that I shall be a’sailin inta sowin some seeds und putting them inta the green house  t’chit.   I’m not a’bein to hasty t’git the jobs done, for one thing we don’t know how long we a’goin t’be stowed up for but I recon that if I run outa jobs outside the Missus will soon cast round und find me suffin t’du indoors.

The Missus und I wish yu all the best, stay safe und God willin I’ll be havin a wud along with you next month.
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.
The Boy Tom