Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
Thas still a’carryin on,   thas that old coronavirus I am a’talkin about und they recon thas a goin t’carry on a bit longer yet.    The trouble is once we hev sin the back o’this lot, if we arnt careful there could be another lot on it just around the corner t’cum at us agin.  Them in charge recon we hev gotta keep stowed up for a bit longer if we want t’git on top on it.
As I said when I last hed a wud along w’you the Missus & I are a’self isolatin cos of our age und cos I’m a diabetic.    We are a managing cos folk who live around here are a’keepin an eye on us und we are gettin our shoppin delivered in..  Thas good t’see there are a group on um in the village who hev got t’gether t’meake sure older folk und others who can’t git out are being looked arter , they are getting their shopping und medicines for um.     I hant driven me car for ni on four weeks, when I washed it tuther day, yes that still git mucky even though that hant bin out, I started the engine und run it for a while just the keep the battery charged.  They hev got a stall set up near the church where folk can go und git bread & vegetables that hev bin donated by a local supermarket.  That shop in Watton what sell garden things & bird feed hev bin delivering orders to yar home.   I hev had them deliver a couple o’times wi bird feed, some paint und tomato plants.  I know I said last time I won’t a’goin t’be to hasty a cuttin my grass.   Well I hev bin over it a few times now.  The fust time I went over it I cut it a bit high, then I got my other machine out und give it a good rake und slitted the turf t’let the air in .   Arter that I give it a dose of fertiliser.   I ha’a do that job by hand cos my spreader brook down.   I ha’a remember how my father hed shown me how t’spread by hand while a’walkin .   For every step yu teak you swing the opposite arm acrorse infront on yu a’thrown the fertiliser on.  The way I am a’talkin yu would think I hev got a great old bit o’grass.   Well that’s about as big as half a tennis court so I spuse thas a lot bigger than some folks gardens.    The trouble it since I put it on thas hed to wait until today (28th April) t’git a decent drop o’rain on it t’wash the fertiliser in t’start the grass a’growin properly.As I hev said a’for I keep a few old hins.    They spend their time in an enclosed pen so I thought I’d giv them a bit of a treat by puttin them onto sum fresh grass.    I hed an old hin hut und run down the bottom of the garden which I hev got out und tricolated up for um. I ha’a move the run onto a fresh bit o’grass every day but the hins seem t’like it but movin on um hev stop them a’layin for a day or two.    I’ll tell yu suffin else we hev hed in the garden…..    I were a usin my strimmer early one mornin, when I see suffin a’movin out o’the corner of me eye.   When I stopped und hed a look, a baby fawn were a runnin across the garden.   I could tell that weren’t very old cos that were still wet.   I followed down it t’bottom of the garden und that got stowed up between a shud und the fence.  I took a picture in it on my phone und then went t’git the Missus so she could hev a look.     A time we hed got back that hed dissapeared.   I recon that the fawns mother hed left it in garden arter that were born und was a’goin t”come  back to arter dark t’let it hev a drop o’milk.   We din’t see it agin but next day our next door neighbour recon he had seen a deer & her fawn durin the evening so that looks as if they got back t’gither.Them old blackbirds hev bin busy in the garden a’gettin nest material und pullin worms outa the lawn t’feed their young.    Tuther day I see a female blackbird a’gettin some moss from round the pond for har nest.   She got so much moss in har beak she hed a job t’see where she was a goin. 
The Young Master up at the Hall get bin a gettin on with sowin his spring crops, they hev bin busy on the fields twix us und the Norridge Road a’sowin Beans.    Durin this warm weather what we hev bin a havin they were a’shown  above the ground about 15 days arter they were sown.    This here rain we are a havin will get them a’goin.   
That’ll seem a rummin that there will be no Royal Norfolk Show this year. Thas only the second time since 1945 that hant bin held. 
  There are other local shows und village fetes that may not be held.  Not only are the events that git folk t’gether but thas a time when village groups can raise some money.   
 I hope you are all a’goin out on a Thursday evenin t’clap for them in the NHS und others who are doin their bit t’keep us a’goin. Thas the least we can du for um.
Do yu all mind how yu du go,
Fare ye well t’tither und du yu keep a’troshin
The Boy Tom