Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
Well that there old coronavirus is still with us und I recon that’ll be drawin along with us for a few steps yet.
Cos them up at Whitehall are a’lettin the brakes of a bit .They recon today (May 28th) that next week we are a’goin t’be allowed t’meet with sum of yar family, up  to six folk but thas only outside in a park or yar garden.  Still thas a start but I recon that’ll be a day or two afore there’ll be twenty five thousand folk jammed in t’gether up at  Carra Rood watching the City.
I’ll tell yu suffin I did last week I hant done for ni on eight weeks….I driv the car.   That were only cause I ha’a go t’git me readin glasses mended.  That were a job und a half.  Once I had parked up near the shop I ha’a put on a pair of disposable gloves & a mask that were a black muff I hed.   I got sum funny looks from folk who were a waiting outside a bank nearby as I walked past.    I ha’a stand outside the shop until the mawther (Lady) inside cum t’the door. She were a’wearin a mask und all.  She took me glasses und recon if I cum back in about a quarter of un hour they would be fixed.. which they were.  That weren’t s’bad as I thought that were a’goin t’be cos most folk kept a couple of yards apart. if thas what we are a’goin t’hev t’do then thas what we hev got t’do t’keep safeThere’s suffin else I wanted t’hev a word along with you about.    There’s a rare lot of folk, mainly Mawthers, who are worrying about a’havin their hair cut.    I han’t got a lot of hair t’worry about und the Missus hev cut it for several years. In the summer she cut it while I am a’sittin out in the garden.   I tell har that the birds can use my clippings for building their nests.  I don’t know if they du but the clippings disappear somewhere.   How-sum-ever the Missus hev started mobbin about gettin har hair cut cos that hant bin done for several weeks.  I tell har I’ll do it for har cos I recon I used t’meake a  fare job o’clippin the wool orf my sheep………….she din’t say anything…..she just giv me one of har looks.
While I were warkin in the garden tuther day I started thinkin about how things I were a’doin reminded me of suffin I hed done years ago.  I noticed my old compost heap were drawin up towards the clouds so I thought I would git on top of it und jam it down.   This would git all the air out on it und help the composting process.    While I were a’doin this I smelt the grass clippings I hed mixed in.    Du yu know that smell took me back t’when we were making silage  & I were at the clamp a’forking the cut grass about t’meake the heap level afore the tractor cum along und roll the grass down tight.That must be ni on forty year ago since I last did that job but the smell on my compost heap took me back.    Thas the same if I watch them a’lambing sheep on that Country File programme,   The smell of the lambing shed come back to me. I see that they Norwich City are a’goin t’start playin their remaining games t’see if they can stay in the Premier division und git any further in the FA cup.   Do yu know thas one thing I hant missed, mind yu them football reporters hev bin doin well t’think of suffin different to write about each day while there hant been any matches.
When are we a’goin t’git sum rain, my old water butts are nearly dry.  When I am out on my old bike I see that sum of the winter barley is a’runnin inta ear already.   Them old sugar beet plants could do with a drink of water as well. If this dry weather keep a’goin that’ll be an early harvest this year but the yields won’t be break-in  any records.
I were casting round the other day for suffin t’du when the Missus suggested that I orter build a wild life pond at the far end o’the garden.   We hev already got a goldfish pond near the house.  There are several fish in there und the wild birds drink outa a little fountain on the side on it.     Any how I hed a measure up und started digging the new pond out.  That were hard going cos where I were digging there hed bin a ditch that hed bin filled in with brick rubble.   I got all of that out making the pond about  2 foot deep at one end und going shallow at tuther end.  The Missus helped me with getting the liner in und we then filled it up wi water.   We fixed the liner down round the side of the pond with sum great old flints I hed dug up.  Afore I dug the pond out I hed moved 2 gret old pots with Hostas  in round so they stood at the back on it.     A few days arter I hed filled the pond with water I were a’drawin round the garden with my hosepipe  a’watering the pots dotted round the garden.   To reach these 2 pots on the far side o’the pond I ha’a stretch across the pond with me hose…. that wouldn’t reach so I give the hose a bit of a pull but the hose were jammed up some where so I ha’a give it a harder pull…….. Your guessed it…. the hose pipe suddenly give und I toppled inta the pond.    Well boy my trousers und boots were suffin wet.  I drawed back up to the house und were a sittin just inside the back door when the Missus cum through.   I ha’a tell har what hed happened,    Well din’t she laugh….. she were still a’laughin about it when we went to bed that night.       I arn’t a’goin t’let it happen agin, I hev got a longer lance to go on the end of my hose pipe.
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a troshin (und stay safe)
The Boy Tom