Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

That don’t seem that long since I last hed a wud along with yu.   Cos life int sorta normal thas a job t’keep track o’time.    I recon thas cos the normal mile stones through the year aren’t there.     Du yu know today (1st July) should’ve bin the first day o’the Norfolk Show. Thas only the second time that hev bin stopped since 2nd World War.   I know folk who are new t’the county will wonder what I am a’goin on about.    Well to them on us who hev bin about here for a long time thas a meeting place.   I recon there are folk I only see once a year und thas at the show, so I won’t be seeing them this year.   As we are all a’gettin longer in the tooth another 12 months is a long time until we see each other agin.     I were a reading in the peaper t’day that they recon that when the show come back next year that’ll hev changed.    They are a sayin there ount be s’many non farming stands, they are a looking to hev more food stands from folk are a’producing local food thas grown here a’bouts.    There’s a lot more of them about since we hev all been shut down.

Cos that int only the Norfolk Show thas cancelled, our local Wayland Show that hed to be cancelled cos that were a’goin t’be held in May this year.  Still lets hope things will hev settled down so them mile stones will be back next year.

They recon there are a lot more folk a’ridin bikes now.  You can tell who they are cos when I am a’ridin about I see several on um.    They hev all got shiny new bikes und  hev got all the gear t’wear.   Yu can still see the creases where that were packed in the packet when they bought it.    I’ll tell yu suffin I don’t understand.   Yu’ll see a family out on their bikes, the little uns hev all the gear including safety helmets while their parents aren’t a’wearing any sort of head gear.    Do they think that they aren’t a’goin t’fall orf or be hit by a car or a motor bike.   There’s allus the chance they could come orf if one of the little uns ride into them.  What every the reason I recon their sorft not t’wear any helmets.  I recon that there should be a law whot meake folk wear cycle helmets.  Just to tell yu I wear a cyclin helmet every time I go out on my old bike.

I ha’a take my old bike in for a service tuther day.    I hev told you that I bought one of them electric bikes last year und that ha’a be serviced every year.   Well that got a puncture und the folk I got the bike from in Dereham recon they would mend it for me und give it a service while they hed it.    Well I got that loaded up inta the car und we took it over t’Dereham.   The Missus und I left it there while we went und hed a look at Sheringham Park.  We collected the bike on the way home und du yu know we hed a master job t’git it back inta the car, that were as if that hed grown and inch or two.  The Missus und I were a pushin und shuvin it.  Arter a bit we got it in und the back of the car shut.   Cos once we hed got the bike in there were a load o’plants, that the Missu hed bought, t’git back in.

As I hev just said the Missus und I went und hed a look a Sheringham Park.   That were our fust outing sin ce we hed bin told t’stay at home.   We get our tickets a’fore we went und we ha’a arrive during a half hour gap.   We took some sandwiches, I backed the old car orf the road inta a hay field so we could hev them afore we went und hed a look at the Rhodedendrums.   They were putting on a fine show und there weren’t to many folk about.    On the way back home we stopped at a little farm shop where  I knew they sold sum farm cheese that I like.   There were nobody there t’serve you, that were all done with honesty  boxes. they even sold farm fresh milk, yu ha’a bring your own bottle.    The cheese were sold out of a machine where you ha’a select the cheese you wanted, then pay with your card und then a door open und you ha’a git your cheese out afore that shut. When we drawed back onto the road t’cum home we see a rare sight.   Walkin along the road were two children a takin a dog for a walk,   as well as the dog they were leading two lambs as well.   The way they were walking that want the first time they had bin out.   The trouble was the road was too narrow for me to stop und take a photo on um. 

I’ll tell you suffin else that hev happened, I am a writing this on a new machine.   The one I hev bin usin were seven year old.    Now I din’t think that were very old but one of our boys , who know about these things, recon that was old und that were why I was hevin a lot o’trouble with it cos that couldn’t  download the updates that were a’vein sent.    Any way this here new one seem t’be runnin well.    Mind yu that took three trips t’Norwich afore I could bring it home.   While I were in the shop on one of my visits to the computer shop I see suffin I han’t seen for a long while,   I see somebody buy two new mobile phones with cash.    Well that were a job, the salesman din’t seem t’know what to do with it,    he ha’a go und git another salesman t’help him count it out.    Now I weren’t closer enough t’see how much that was but if the tell you I were in the shop that hev a sign that look like suffin you would pick orf a tree in an orchard you’ll know the phones would not be cheap.  

That reminded me when I were a representative selling fertiliser to farmers.  One of the farmers who I hed sold some fertiliser to rung me up und said he would like to pay for it.    Now this farmer sold a lot of eggs for cash und thas how he paid for his fertiliser. He took me into his kitchen where there were a lot of brown envelopes on the table.   He emptied the money out onto the table for me to count.   When there weren’t enough cash on the table he went into another room und come back with some more envelopes.   That were ni on forty year ago now und the fertiliser bill were two or three thousand pounds.   I made sure I drive straight back to the mill so they could get get that into the bank on the same day.
While I am a’writin this I am a’listenin to Norwich playing Arsenal.    They lost 4-0.   I recon that’ll be Championship football next season.   At least that’ll be nice t’see them winning a few games.

Next time I have a word with you I recon that harvest will hev started.   Somebody told me last night that there were a combine or two already a’goin in North Norfolk.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.

The Boy Tom