Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

We’r hed sum rum old weather since I last hed a wud along with yu.I  was a writing last month about how they were a’tellin us how we were a’goin t’git sum rare hot days, well as I hev told yu afore I hev got one o’them weather stations rigged up in my garden – du yu know that on the 7th August that got up to 37.5c  if that won’t hot enough on 12th August that got up to 37.8c.Then acors towards the end o’the month we hed a rare lot o’rain.  My old rain gauge overflowed when that got to 2.5ins that had fallen in about 3 hrs.  At least that mean that the old water butts are full for the Mrs’s house plants through the winter.    The hot weather we hed afore the tempests meant the the farmers could git the corn harvest done although they tell me that the yields hev bin a bit moderate.   A’ridin round you could see that cos there weren’t a lot of straw bales a’standin about.

Although we hev bin self isolating the Missus & I hev let the brakes orf a bit und hed a week away in our caravan.    We din’t go far, only to Ludham, for those of you who don’t know were that is:-   you drive from Norwich t’ Wroxham un turn right, go past Horning to Ludham.   We stayed on a camp site near the bridge that go over the river Ant.    When we got there the Mawther who were a checkin us in recon that cos we hed got a long caravan, 8 metres, they hed put us on a large pitch.   I din’t say anything cos our caravan is only 7.2 m.   We pitched the caravan und put the awning up but arter we hed seen the weather forecast we took it down agin.   Thas a good job we did cos one or two other folk on the site lost their awnings in the high wind.      The only thing I lost were my hat.    I were a goin for a walk along a footpath that went along the river to Saint Benets Abbey.   I hed stopped t’take a photo und a gust of wind cum along und blew my hat orf my head und into the river.    I recon that a’time I got back from my walk my hat was probably goin across Breydon Water towards Yarmouth.
While we were there we got out und see a few things but kept away from crowded places.

We went with some o’our family to a wildlife park.  They hed a rare collection of animals for folk t’look at including Crocodiles & Tigers.    Them Tigers are rare looking animals, their pen hed a overhead walkway with a platform for the Tigers to lay on just tuther side of the fence where you could walk.   Thas the closest I hev ever bin to one o’them.  Them Crocodiles don’t seem t’do much although I recon they can move fairly sharp when they want to.Another place we went o’t’meet my Brother were Waxham Barns.   Thas one o’the longest Norfolk Barns about und hev bin done up und is now a place where folk can go to get married.  In front of the barn there is a couple of cart sheds that hev bin done up und one o’these hev bin converted into a cafe.  That were alright although cos there were six on us we ha’a sit a two tables, I sit w’me brother und his two Grand daughters und our two Missies sit t’gether at another table, we noticed that they were a lot slower finishing their food cos they were talking s’much.Although looking about that were good t’see the buildings hed bin tricolated up I can remember a’goin there when the farmer hed a large herd o’dairy cows, now there arnt a stock t’be seen anywhere.    

That were the same when the Missus und me were a riding about across the marshes near St Benets Abbey & Thurne we drive past at least four sets of buildings that used to house & milk  cows.    I  know you can’t turn the clock back but I find it very sad that farmers are not paid enough to carry on milking cows.   With the Corona Pandemic a’goin on folk seem to be forgetting that at the end of the year the UK leave the European Community und nobody hev worked out yet how we are a’goin to continue t’git 40% of our milk from over the water.   As I hev said afore that take 2 years from birth to get milk from a cow!Another thing I see on the television tuther Sunday were folk re-wilding some of their land.    They were talking about going back t’producing meat orf the land using some of our Rare Breeds.   I recon that would be a good idea if we could already produce enough food t’feed everybody , the trouble is we don’t.    Ever since the year 2000 the world has not been able t’produce enough food t’feed every body.
As far as Norwich City go they are a starting the season next Saturday. They hev bought in ten new players but han’t sold anybody yet.   That’ll be interesting t’see how they are all a’goin t’get a game?

Fare yes well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin

The Boy Tom