The Boy Tom’s ramblings for October

Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
That seem that every time I have a wud along with you I allus start by talkin about the weather.    Well that seem that every time I git my old computa out put a few wuds down we are either a’goin t’git some rare weather or we hev just hed sum.    Thas either a’goin t’be s’hot that thas a’goin t’ burn yu or thas a goin t’rain s’hard that all the dykes will be full t’overflowing und thas a’for the wind start a’blowin.   While I am a’wrttin this we are a’waitin for storm “Alex” to arrive.   There int no wind yet but thas a’rainin.
Cos all this here wet weather aint any good for the farmers cos the land is all wet und dauby so the tractors can’t travel on the land.     Afore that set in wet the Young Master up at the Hall got his beans cut.     My hart there were a rare cloud of muck a’comin orf the combine while that were a cuttin & threshin the beans.    Cos that don’t matter s; much now cos the combine hev got a cab so the driver aint a sittin out in it.
I’ll tell you suffin else about all this wet weather, that ain’t any good if yu are a’buildin houses.    There’s a building site that I crowd my old bike past every mornin und they are havin a master job u’gettin the water away.    Afore they started buildin they dug a gret old hole und filled it full o’plastic crates,    arter they hed covered it over w’soil they started puttin in the footins for the houses und bungalows they were a’goin t’build.    Well arter all this here rain we hev had there were water a standin about there every where.  Well they come back with a gret old digger und started a diggin agin.    They thought they must hev sorted it out cos they started a laying a road over where they hid dug.   Well’ let me tell yu suffin, when I cycled past this mornin they hed got the digger back und that were diggin a-side the road they hed started a’puttin down so they hant got the job sorted out yet.
Durin the last couple o’weeks we hev lost a couple o’folk out’a the village who hed done a lot for all on us durin their lives.    Enid Clarke had had har 100th birthday last year und hed lived in the village nearly all har life.    She supported village events und will be remembered for the miniature painting that she did.   These put Carbrooke on the map cors they were shown at some of the countries leading art galleries in London.    Some on us are lucky enough to have some of har paintins t’remember har by.     Until recently the Heritage Group in the village were grateful for har remembering village events in years gone by.
John Rogers hed not lived in the village as long as Enid but he also contributed a lot to our village by representing us on Breckland Council, he also served on the Parish Council for a number of years & was recently the Town Mayor at Watton.
A’time when we hev hid some fine weather the Missus & I hev bin gettin out a bit & tuther day we driv past a field where there were sum Sun Flowers a’growin.   My hart they looked suffin special.    That reminded us of when we hed bin over the water with our caravan und hed seen them a’growin in France.   Cos they grow them over there by the field full und combine them when they are fit.     The ones we see tuther day were just a strip along one edge of the field,   they were put there as cover und feed for Pheasants although other birds will find them un all.     I grow a few in our garden every year.
Sum on yu may remember me a’sayin earlier this year that I hed turned part o’the garden over to a wild flower meadow,   well that hev done alright und we hed about twelve different wild flowers cum up.    I hev cut it down now,  I ha’a use my strimmer machine cos I han’t got a scythe any more. Arter I hed cleared all the sward orf I sowed sum Yellow Rattle on sum patches o’bare earth . I hev sown that cos they recon when that chit und grow in the spring that’ll stop the grass a’growin s’quick which will help the wild flowers t’git a’goin bit better.
I’ll ha’a stop a writin this cos the Norwich City game kick orf  soon.   I see they hev sold one o’their players for twenty five million pound.   Thas a rare lot o’money but I suppose that the club what hev bought him see it as an investment.    I think if that hed bin my money I would hev invested it in a bit o’land cos that’ll still be there for a few more years than a footballer will be a’playin.      That got me a’thinkin about the sort o’money Farmers spend on living things like cattle. In the late 1950s a dairy farmer here in Norfolk bought a pedigree Friesian Bull over from Canada.    That cost him ten thousand pounds which were a lot o’money then.   I remember a see in it when he hed an open day & I went with a crowd of other students from Easton College.    How sum-ever he had’t hed it very long when that were a serving a cow  und hurt it’s back, do yu know, that bull never served another cow.   Another farmer I knew spent three thousand pound on a Ewe that he bought from over the water.    When I went t’see him und asked where it was  he recon he hed turned it out with his other home bred sheep.   I think if that hed bin mine I’d hev wanted t’keep that where I could see it most o’the time.
That old coronavirus in’t a goin away yet,   I recon that’ll be about for a bit o’time yet so we’ll ha’a be a’keepin our distance for a bit longer.    I see that there are all sorts of different face masks about now for folk t’where.    I hev got one with a Suffolk Horse’s head on it.     Somebody tuther day recon that made them laugh but I could’t see if they were a laughing cos they were a’wearin a mask as well.    I’ll tell yu suffin though,   I can still tell if the Missus is given me “one of har looks” even if she is a wearin har mask.
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.
The Boy Tom.